A Risk of Falling Eliminated Thanks to an HVAC Technician


Rubicon Safety is a distributor of fall and confined space rescue and protection equipment operating in Ontario. In February, we announced that Rubicon Safety was becoming a proud distributor of Delta Prevention fall protection products. Following a project using the VSS Compact guardrail system on the roof of a fire station, the Ontario distributor decided to offer the complete range of Delta Prevention products.

Initial Situation

Having already worked collaboratively on a previous project, the Ontario distributor was very satisfied with the Quebec manufacturer. First, the team was impressed by the ease of installation of the self-supporting guardrail system. In addition, they were very satisfied with the constant availability of Delta Prevention staff throughout the project and the reasonable delivery times. This is what convinced the distributor to become an official distributor of products designed in Quebec.


The Problem 

First, an HVAC technician noticed the risk of falling. He went to the roof of the fire station to maintain the ventilation ducts and immediately alerted his supervisor of the imminent risk of falling. The ventilation ducts are located in an area with a very high risk of falling since they are very close to the edge of the roof. The supervisor then contacted the City of London Building Official to install fall protection to ensure the safety of his employee. The Rubicon Safety distributor was contacted by the municipal manager. 

The Solution

Only one of the installations requires maintenance on the roof. It was therefore unnecessary to install a guardrail all over the perimeter of the building. Delta Prevention’s fall protection specialist designed a 20-foot guardrail to protect anyone near the facility. Due to the limited space available, the configuration of the VSS Compact guardrails has been prioritized. This configuration is ideal when ground space is limited. This will ensure that traffic around the duct will remain fluid. 


The Final Situation

In the end, Delta Prevention’s self-supporting guardrail system is highly appreciated by the customer. First, the installation of the guardrail eliminated the risk of falls for all future HVAC technicians. In addition, since this guardrail system is self-supporting, the roof of the municipal building has not been perforated and will not be damaged in the long term. If you have HVAC installations on your roof in an area at risk of falling, contact Delta Prevention Customer Service to get your quote!

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Delta Prevention is a manufacturer of non-penetrating fall protection equipment for rooftop. With innovative materials and industry leading versatility, Delta Prevention’s VSS System is the safest and most durable collective fall protection system on the market. Visit our website at deltaprevention.com 


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