Social Distancing Barrier

Our social distancing barrier help you comply with government recommendations and allow a safe return to work for your employees and customers. Creating a distance between workstations is essential to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Indeed, it is recommended to install a physical barrier or sneeze guard to prevent contact by droplets. Maintaining […]

Self-closing gates for fall protection

Man unpacking aluminum self-closing safety gate from original box

A new aluminum, heavy-duty construction from the Canadian manufacturer of roof safety railing.   Self-closing gates are the best solutions to prevent falls in access points such as stairs or ladders by closing areas to workers or pedestrians. This is why Delta Prevention is proud to introduce its new self-closing gates, made in Canada with […]

The Inspection Of Guardrails: Our Recommendations

Man walking along edge of roof protected by warning line

You have chosen the collective protection of a guardrail? That’s great! It was the best decision for your employees. Now, here are our recommendations for inspecting your guardrails to ensure they meet standards over time.   Inspection Of the Guardrail Configuration Freestanding guardrails are simple and quick to deploy as they do not need to […]

Flat Roof Fall Protection Systems

Two floors protected by a fall protection guardrail system made of aluminum tubing and rubber counterweights

Flat roof fall protection systems weren’t designed for no reason. Any work at height requires an increased level of safety. Although the statistics suggest that fall risks on flat roofs are lower, it’s best not to overlook worker safety.   A flat roof should be inspected at least once or twice a year. In addition, […]

Accidents Related to Working at Height: 3 Preventive Measures

Maintenance worker holding ladder with safety clothing

Accidents related to working at height, such as falls and slips, occur regularly and cause injuries that can be serious. They therefore have repercussions on the ability of the worker in question to keep doing their job. This leads in turn to lost work days, costly compensations for the employer, and reduced overall productivity in […]

Delta Prevention featured at the 7th Grand Rendez-vous de l’Innovation en Montérégie

On January 28th, Delta Prevention’s President, Kevin Key, was invited to the 7th Grand Rendez-vous de l’Innovation en Montérégie. Mr. Key was part of a panel composed of three Quebec company managers. Two important and recurring themes were addressed during the discussions: the major challenges of entrepreneurial succession and the impact of new technologies in […]

Fall protection training: is it always essential? 

Freestanding guardrail system on a flat roof to protect HVAC component

Very often, it is when we hear about a worker’s accident that we say we should have prevented this significant risk. Falls don’t only happen on construction sites, but they can also happen to workers who maintain or repair an object at height. It’s not necessary to fall from very high to be seriously injured […]

1500 linear feet of freestanding guardrails installed in the northwest territories

A second major project in the canadian north for MSK Canada. Initial situation Last year, Delta Prevention carried out a project in the Northwest Territories in collaboration with the distributor MSK Canada. This year, the contractor of the previous project called on the Canadian manufactured to protect a second school in the region. The problem Moose […]

Installing a Roof Guardrail System: What You Need to Know

Besides its highly aesthetic appearance, the guardrail plays a very important role when installed outside, especially on a roof. Installing a guardrail is a major safety measure, because this is the optimal way to prevent falls. Let’s take a look at how to install a roof guardrail system. First of all, what is a guardrail? […]

Removing snow from a flat roof: three ways to do it, but only one that’s really safe!

Thanks to the very high versatility of the Delta Prevention product range, it is always possible to safely remove snow from your roof, even when the parapet is particularly high. This was proven by the Permaccès work at height specialist by creating, for a client, an ingenious snow chute that complies with the Occupational Health and Safety […]

This Drummondville plant gives priority to collective fall protection.

Olymel’s production plant in Drummondville offers its workers and subcontractors a collective fall protection solution.   Initial Situation Located in Drummondville, the Olymel plant contacted the MSK Canada, a Canadian distributor of Delta Prevention products, to protect its employees and subcontractors working on the roof. It is thanks to the excellent reputation of Delta Prevention […]

Safety Equipment for Working at Height: 11 Essential Items

Around 18% of the accidents occurring in Canada in the major economic sectors concern falls from heights. Each day on construction sites, two people on average are victims of falls, which can lead to death—hence the necessity of taking all the necessary steps, including setting up all the equipment for working at heights that ensures […]