Roof top ladder fall protection guardrails in Ontario

Roof top ladder fall protection guardrails in Ontario

Non-penetrating guardrail improve safety around 3 roof top ladders in Ontario.


Roof top ladders are often the first areas that can benefit from a fall protection improvement. In the case in this industrial building in Ontario, the right systems were installed around roof accesses and mechanical units to improve safety for employees and subcontractors visiting to roof. Another beautiful install from our partners at Rubicon Safety Inc.


A safety corridor at the exit of the roof top ladders


To improve the safety of roof visitors and comply with the roof top ladder standards in Ontario, a safety corridor was installed at the exit of two of the roof ladders. This corridor consists and two sections of VSS Classic non-penetrating guardrail installed perpendicularly to the roof edge. These non-penetrating guardrail sections meet and exceed the National Building Code (NBC) standard for guardrail without any anchoring in the roof membrane. The users of each roof top ladders of this Ontario building can now exit the ladder and move toward the safety area away from the roof edge. A simple installation that efficiently improves the safety around the roof top ladders.


Corner Roof Top Ladder Protected With Custom Guardrail


A ladder positioned at the corner of a building often requires more consideration (see our step-by-step tutorial here). How to increase the safety of users without impacting the access to the ladder itself? In the case of this roof top ladder in Ontario, the VSS Classic corner ladder configuration was preferred. While some non-penetrating guardrail system uses returns at the extremities, the VSS Classic’s weights are kept on the ground. This clears the way for circulation in and out of the ladder. The guardrail system is also fully independent – it doesn’t connect to the ladder to use its capacity. While this may be a good scenario in some cases, a roof top ladder installed years ago might not have a recent engineering review done. Therefore, connecting to it may simply increase the cost and complexity of the roof top ladder fall protection project.


 The Real Usage of Roof Top Ladders: Maintenance Work


What is the main purpose of installing fall protection systems around roof top ladders? Improving safety for workers visiting the rooftop periodically, of course. And a common reason for roof access is to service the mechanical units, which are numerous on this Ontario industrial building. In this situation, the very best way to eliminate the falling hazard when working on these units is to install a safety guardrail. The VSS Compact non-penetrating guardrail is the simplest and most straightforward method to permanently eliminate the risk of fall from the rooftop. With the added benefit of not anchoring in the roof membrane, non-penetrating guardrail is simply the best fall protection systems for flat roofs.


If you have roof top ladders in Ontario and want to know how to improve safety around them, reach out to us by email, by phone or by the contact form on our website. We will be happy to get back to you within 24h.