This Ontario Public School Complies With NBC Standards With Rubicon Safety.

More than 150 linear feet of guardrails installed on Hillcrest Public School to improve the safety of its workers and contractors.

Initial Situation

Hillcrest Public School, located in London, Ontario, was to have its roof repaired. During a visit to the roof, the employee responsible for the repair work immediately noticed that the guardrails in place, installed for years, were rusty and seemed outdated. In addition, this visit concluded that the installation of these guardrails damaged the roof membrane of the school’s roof.

The Problem

The school wanted to replace outdated guardrails with a product that would not damage the roof membrane and would also withstand the Canadian climate. The project manager therefore consulted with the Ontario company Rubicon Safety to select a fall protection solution that would meet their needs. The Rubicon Safety team is an expert in fall protection, confined spaces and rescue. The company distributes a complete range of fall protection equipment that does not damage the roof membrane.

The Solution

To replace non-compliant guards, Rubicon Safety has proposed Delta Prevention guardrails since they are perfectly suited to the situation. These products are self-supporting, i.e. they are supported by counterweights made of recycled rubber. Aluminium and rubber, the main components of the products, provide resistance to rust and deterioration caused by temperature changes.

The installation of Delta Prevention products provided protection around the heating, ventilation and air conditioning elements, all located at the roof edge. This provision, which is dangerous for users, had to be protected by complying with NBC standards. Each HVAC unit is now protected by a VSS Compact guardrail. In all, eight guardrail sections totalling more than 150 linear feet were installed on the roof by Rubicon Safety.

The Final Situation

Ultimately, the Delta Prevention perforation-free guardrails complement the Hillcrest Public School roof repair well as the installation requires no perforation. This fall protection solution will never damage the roof membrane. Maintenance operations are now carried out safely, without the use of harnesses or other personal protective equipment (PPE), in addition to speeding up work deadlines.

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