Roof guard and fall protection equipment

Protect your roof from falling hazards with our innovative non-penetrating roof edge protection.

Respect all standards

Our roof fall protection products are certified by an independent engineering firm and comply with CNBC and OSHA standards.

Designed to last

With our patented recycled rubber counterweight base and aluminum components, our system offers ultimate resistance to rust and deterioration.

made in canada

Made in Canada

Our eco-responsible products are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.

10 year warranty

Peace of mind thanks to the best warranty on the market.

They trusted us

Roch Beaulieu

OHS Manager

System well thought-out, easy to install and which should last several years because it’s made of aluminum. It saves time and increases efficiency when it’s time to start and complete repair or maintenance work of the equipment.

Yohann Archambault

Projects Manager

We chose the Delta Prevention certified distributor to improve safety on our rooftops. First
of all, the team impressed with its fast response, its professionalism, its wise advice and its very competitive offer. We were very satisfied with the installation service and by the communication. The team was proactive and found solutions for every challenge, from the quote to the installation. Thank you for supporting us in this project!

Marie-Ève Proulx

Health and safety prevention supervisor

The Delta Prevention certified distributor took charge of the project autonomously and professionally. The installation was done in time and their representatives were very available to us.

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Our products


Guardrail System – VSS Classic

Permanent and non-penetrating solution for rooftop fall prevention.

Non penetrating rooftop guardrail by Delta Prevention

Guardrail System – VSS Compact

Permanent and non-penetrating solution ideal when floor space is reduced.

Roof warning line systems

Complete the protection of your roof by creating a visual safety perimeter.

Ladder fall protection guardrails

Secure your roof access ladders without damaging the membrane.

A guardrail kit is protection a roof access hatch and its visitor from falling hazards

Roof Hatch Safety Rails

Eliminate the risk of falling around your access hatches without damaging the roof membrane.

garde-corps pour puit de lumière pour protection antichute

Skylight Fall Protection Guardrail

Modular protection without perforation for your skylights of any size.

Ladder Stabilizer System

Create a safe access to roofs accessible by an extension ladder.

Crossover Platform

Make traffic on your roof safer while increasing productivity.

Sliding Gate

Create a safe material drop zone on your roof.

Swing gate

Economical solution to create a safe drop zone on your roof.

Why choose us?

+ 260
completed projects
+ 12000
linear feet installed
20 %
of expenditures reinvested in the Canadian economy

Choose a collective and permanent protection

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

They trusted Delta Prevention for their worker’s safety


Provide companies with collective and permanent fall protection solutions that enable them to make their workplaces safe while preserving the integrity of their infrastructure.

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