Roof Fall Protection Systems

The roof fall protection systems from Delta Prevention are extremely popular to eliminate
permanently your roof fall hazards. Thanks to their multiple configurations, our roof protections are the most versatile on the market.

Rooftop Fall Protection Systems

High Quality Roof Fall Protection Systems

When working on a flat roof, it’s crucial to use the right roof fall protection system. Even though the rates of falls from flat roofs are lower than those from sloped roofs, you should not neglect your safety. For this reason, in any job where there is a risk of falling more than 10 feet, it is recommended that you take all the necessary precautions for your workers safety.

Do you know which protection systems you should use to ensure your safety? Our fall prevention experts answer this question for you. Find out now which roof fall protection systems are necessary to adequately protect you when working on the roof.

Respect all standards

Our roof fall protection products are certified by an independent engineering firm and meet NBC and OSHA standards.

Designed to last

With our patented recycled rubber counterweight base and aluminum components, our system offers ultimate resistance to rust and deterioration.

made in canada

Made in Canada

Our eco-responsible products are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.

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10 year warranty

Peace of mind thanks to the best warranty on the market.

Our best roof fall protection systems

Whether you are working on a sloped or flat roof, the risk of falling is always present. Accidents happen, and when the fall is more than 10 feet high, the consequences can be tragic. Here are our suggestions to avoid injury when you are on a flat roof.

Discover now all our fall protection systems and their advantages.

Roof warning line system

A roof warning line system is a good investment if you plan to work on your roof. It allows you to delineate the work area while providing visual support to avoid accidents.

Aside from the visual aspect, the roof warning line system has many other benefits. It is an affordable, effective and quick solution to install when you have work to do. It is also safe for your roof because it is installed without perforation due to its self-supporting system. The line can therefore be moved as needed to delimit the work zones

We even offer evolving warning lines. Thanks to an innovative modular system, it is possible to transform a warning line into a guardrail system. Ultimately, the warning line is a RSST and OSHA compliant system.  

However, even if the warning line is a good solution, we still recommend guardrail systems. Here is why:

Guardrail system : the best protection system against roof fall

When it comes to roof fall protection, there’s no better equipment than the guardrail system. More than a visual warning, it acts as a prevention barrier and allows you to be protected near the edge of your roof. In addition, modern systems can be configured to your needs, as they are non-penetrating and modular

They are especially convenient for providing permanent protection around your roof. Our guardrail system is also harmless to your roof because it is installed without perforation, just like our warning line. Our roof fall prevention system is designed with a rubber base that grips directly to the membrane of your flat roof. The guardrail system can also be installed on roofs with or without a parapet.

Finally, as for the warning line, it complies with CNB, OSHA and provincial standards.

Our fall prevention experts firmly believe that the installation of a guardrail system is the best option to protect yourself when you are on the roof. For all the reasons mentioned above, we strongly recommend that business owners invest in this roof fall protection system.

roof safety railing installed on a white membrane in Hamilton

Choose a collective and permanent protection

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

Other roof fall prevention systems

Although the roof is one of the most dangerous places to fall, it is not the only threat. In fact, there are many surrounding factors that can also be responsible for a tragic fall. In addition to the guardrail near the edge of your roof, it is wise to think about protecting yourself around these elements. Here are recommendations from our fall prevention experts.

Discover now all our fall protection systems and their advantages.

Two sections of safety railing installed on each sides of a roof ladder

Protection systems for roof access ladders

Did you know that many falls on roof access ladders occur every year? It only takes a moment of inattention for an accident to happen. Fortunately, Delta Prévention offers few solutions to secure your access ladders.

The first one is to install a guardrail system around your access ladder. Regardless of the type of ladder you have, there is a guardrail system to protect you. The Delta Prevention experts have developed a range of guardrails that can be adapted to all ladders and all roofs.

If your access ladder is an extension ladder, we recommend that you choose a ladder stabilizer system. Like all the systems presented above, this one is installed without perforation on your roof and without anchoring. Our system is therefore risk-free and allows you to ensure the stability of your ladder, and your safety

Prevention around your roof elements

In addition to the access ladder, many accidents and roof falls are caused by overlooked roofing elements. That’s why we strongly recommend protective systems around your access hatches and skylights.

The access hatch is often found near the edge of the roof, and is often left open when work is being done on the roof. Apart from the risk of tripping and falling off the roof, falls through an open hatch are also a hazard. Thus, protection around this element of your roof should not be overlooked.

Skylights are also considered hazardous areas. In order to be compliant and ensure your safety on the roof, we highly recommend that you choose a skylight fall protection system

Roof access hatch equipped with safety railing

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Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.

The safest equipment for roof fall protection is guardrails, providing reliable worker safety measures when working along an unprotected roof edge.

No, anchor points aren’t necessary to install Delta Prevention roof fall protection systems. They’re freestanding, therefore eliminating roof perforation concerns.

Roof anchor points aren’t universal; their presence depends on individual roof designs.

Yes, roof fall prevention systems are required on flat roofs under the CNESST Act. Buildings exceeding 3 meters must install roof fall protection systems if maintenance work brings individuals within 2 meters of the roof’s edge.

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