Swing gate

The swing gate is ideal for separating two work areas or creating an unloading area on a roof or mezzanine.

Features :

  • 100% non-penetrating
  • Maximum opening of 10′ (3m)
  • Locking pin included
  • Compliance report included
  • Guaranteed 10 years
  • Made in Quebec
  • Complies with the standards of the National Building Code (NBC)

Respect all standards

Our roof fall protection products are certified by an independent engineering firm and meet NBC and OSHA standards.

Designed to last

With our patented recycled rubber counterweight base and aluminum components, our system offers ultimate resistance to rust and deterioration.

made in canada

Made in Canada

Our eco-responsible products are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.

best warranty Guardrail system in Hamilton

10 year warranty

Peace of mind thanks to the best warranty on the market.

Why install a swing gate?

When you have to lift equipment on your roof via a forklift or a jib crane, you have several options for working safely. The installation of a guardrail, to which an opening device will be integrated, is essential to ensure the safety of workers. The swing gate allows you to create a temporary opening to transport material on the roof of the building or mezzanine while offering the worker on the higher lever a safe place to stand. Indeed, the completely self-supporting system has a 5’ wide safe space that allows a view of the operation and communication with the employee on the ground.

The pivoting barrier can also be installed on the roof to separate two work areas or when larger access is required to a roof area.

Where to install a swing gate?

A pivoting barrier can be installed on all flat roofs where maintenance must be done periodically. If your building has a jib crane, a swing gate should automatically be considered.

The swing gate installs without drilling on a building with a flat roof, as long as the space around the perimeter is available for its support posts. It can be used alone or combined with a complete railing system.

Locking mechanism

When not in use, the swing gate must be locked with the pin designed for this purpose. The swing gate meets building code standards with the pin in place only.

Guardrail system in Hamilton

Unloading Zone

The 10’ wide by 5’ deep loading area allows you to receive bulk material or on pallets. It is essential not to stand in the loading area when the gate is open. Once it is closed, employees can access the material. Once closed, the gate meets the standards for guardrails of the National Building Code.

National Building Code Compliant

When closed, the swing gate complies with the National Building Code’s permanent guardrail standards. The 2 adjacent guardrails also comply with the same standards.

Why choose a Delta Prevention swing gate


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Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.