Social Distancing Barrier

Our social distancing barrier help you comply with government recommendations and allow a safe return to work for your employees and customers.   Creating a distance between workstations is essential

Self-closing gates for fall protection

A new aluminum, heavy-duty construction from the Canadian manufacturer of roof safety railing.   Self-closing gates are the best solutions to prevent falls in access points such as stairs or

The Inspection Of Guardrails: Our Recommendations

You have chosen the collective protection of a guardrail? That’s great! It was the best decision for your employees. Now, here are our recommendations for inspecting your guardrails to ensure

Flat Roof Fall Protection Systems

Flat roof fall protection systems weren’t designed for no reason. Any work at height requires an increased level of safety. Although the statistics suggest that fall risks on flat roofs

Accidents Related to Working at Height: 3 Preventive Measures

Accidents related to working at height, such as falls and slips, occur regularly and cause injuries that can be serious. They therefore have repercussions on the ability of the worker

Delta Prevention featured at the 7th Grand Rendez-vous de l’Innovation en Montérégie

On January 28th, Delta Prevention’s President, Kevin Key, was invited to the 7th Grand Rendez-vous de l’Innovation en Montérégie. Mr. Key was part of a panel composed of three Quebec

Fall protection training: is it always essential? 

Very often, it is when we hear about a worker’s accident that we say we should have prevented this significant risk. Falls don’t only happen on construction sites, but they

1500 linear feet of freestanding guardrails installed in the northwest territories

A second major project in the canadian north for MSK Canada. Initial situation Last year, Delta Prevention carried out a project in the Northwest Territories in collaboration with the distributor MSK

Installing a Roof Guardrail System: What You Need to Know

Besides its highly aesthetic appearance, the guardrail plays a very important role when installed outside, especially on a roof. Installing a guardrail is a major safety measure, because this is

Removing snow from a flat roof: three ways to do it, but only one that’s really safe!

Thanks to the very high versatility of the Delta Prevention product range, it is always possible to safely remove snow from your roof, even when the parapet is particularly high. This was

This Drummondville plant gives priority to collective fall protection.

Olymel’s production plant in Drummondville offers its workers and subcontractors a collective fall protection solution.   Initial Situation Located in Drummondville, the Olymel plant contacted the MSK Canada, a Canadian

Safety Equipment for Working at Height: 11 Essential Items

Around 18% of the accidents occurring in Canada in the major economic sectors concern falls from heights. Each day on construction sites, two people on average are victims of falls,

This Ontario Public School Complies With NBC Standards With Rubicon Safety.

More than 150 linear feet of guardrails installed on Hillcrest Public School to improve the safety of its workers and contractors. Initial Situation The school board of Hillcrest Public School,

Flat Roof Snow Removal: How to Do It Safely

Discomfort caused by exerting yourself in cold temperatures, falls from heights, or getting buried under the snow—these are just some of the major risks posed to people who try to

Delta Prevention, a proud member of the ARCA.

Brossard, October 22nd – Contractors in Alberta will now have access to the non-penetrating guardrail of the Canadian manufacturer.  Delta Prevention is proud to announce its membership in the Alberta

A public organization complies with the CNESST’s Regulation on occupational health and safety thanks to Delta Prevention

During the restoration of its building, the OMH of Saint-Hyacinthe became aware of the importance of fall protection, since more than 18% of all work accidents in Quebec are caused

Fall Protection in Alberta: What Are the Main Safety Guidelines?

To mitigate the risk of falling when working at heights, employers must establish a fall prevention program based on an assessment of the risks in their workplace. Fall protection in

PRODUCT INNOVATION – Update of the CL200 connector

Brossard, August 22, 2019 – Delta Prevention is proud to announce that one of the key components of its VSS Classic configuration is now replaced by a new version. Indeed,

Delta Prevention, a proud member of the RCABC

Roof guardrails will now be promoted to roof contractors in British Columbia.    Delta Prevention is proud to announce its membership in the Roofing Contractor Association of British Columbia. Thanks

Roof Access Ladder Guard : How to Secure It

There are several ways to access a rooftop terrace for a maintenance operation, including access via a roof access ladder. Did you know that the exit of this ladder must

Case Study: ArcelorMittal Once Again Chooses Delta Prevention’s Collective Protection.

Initial Situation In 2015, ArcelorMittal Woodstock, a manufacturer of tubular steel products for the automotive industry, contacted Rubicon Safety, an Ontario distributor of Delta Prevention products, to install fall arrest

What Are the Skylight Fall Protection Requirements?

When a person works at a height, on a roof, or near a skylight, there is a risk of falling. Fall protection—such as a guardrail specially designed for a skylight—must

Amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety regulations (OHS) for warning lines

On January 3, 2019, amendments to the OHS came into force regarding the prevention of falls from height. As part of the amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act

What is ECOllective Protection?

Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer a collective and eco-responsible fall protection system.   What is Collective Protection?   A system that protects all individuals on the roof

A Risk of Falling Eliminated Thanks to an HVAC Technician

Rubicon Safety is a distributor of fall and confined space rescue and protection equipment operating in Ontario. In February, we announced that Rubicon Safety was becoming a proud distributor of

Roof safety railings: 6 reasons why you should not do it yourself.

We asked Canadian fall protection specialists from coast to coast why safety equipment should be left to experts.   You strive to be a leader in your own field and

Safety and health at work…and outside.

Delta Prevention shares its high performance culture from the road to the trails. Here is our 2019 racing team jersey. Whether you use on a road bike or running in

Delta Prevention roof safety railing installed in Connecticut

An American industrial equipment distributor chooses Delta Prevention to protect the Unitex manufacturer’s roof. Initial Situation Following a fine issued during an OSHA inspection visit,, the uniform manufacturer Unitex, located

The best roof safety railings in Toronto were presented at this year’s Partners in Prevention.

Delta Prevention was the sole manufacturer of roof safety railing represented at the popular event. Thousands of people attended the 2019 edition of the top health and safety equipment and

Delta Prevention impresses visitors at the ROOFTech 2019

The only major Canadian trade show in the roofing industry, the ROOFTech provides an educational experience about the latest products and technologies. The ROOFTech is an annual exhibition grouping more

58 roof hatches protected with Delta Prevention

PREVENTING FALLS FROM HEIGHTS: A PRIORITY FOR THIS MONTREAL AREA SCHOOL BOARD. The Commission scolaire des Patriotes, which provides educational services to the population of 21 municipalities on the South

Delta Prevention announces the moves of its Canadian headquarter.

To support its growth, the Canadian manufacturer moves to a new high productivity location. Chambly, QC, Canada – To support its steady growth, Delta Prevention is proud to announce the

Fall protection in BC: What are the main safety guidelines ?

We have all had the unfortunate incident where we have fallen simply because we were doing something without taking the right safety precautions. Usually, our first instinct after we have

3 Good Reasons to Use A Guard Rail Protection

Fall protection systems play a key role in preventing the risks related to falling for employees who work on job sites at heights. There are many types of systems for

Roof Access Hatch: What Are the Standards to Comply With?

A roof access hatch is a protective device that helps prevent the risks of falling from a height, off a roof. In addition, a roof access hatch is both a

Roof guardrail: How to make the right choice?

Both inside and outside a building, guardrails are essential equipment for ensuring safety when a certain height is present. Their primary function is fall prevention. On job sites, this type

Delta Prevention is proud to announce its new partnership with Rubicon Safety Inc.

The fall protection, confined space & rescue specialist becomes certified distributor in Ontario for the Canadian roof guardrail manufacturer. February 8, 2019 – Delta Prevention is pleased to announce the

A roof survey that inspires trust for UQTR.

This successful project leads to a second phase. Initial situation The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières has fifteen buildings on campus, without counting student residences. To protect workers on the

Don’t wait anymore: remove snow from your roof!

Chambly, Qc – It’s important to clear your roof for the safety of all. The winter weather has varied often this year. Snow, ice and even rain are settled on

OSHA Standards vs. Cal/OSHA Standards: What to Know

When it comes to workplace safety rules in the United States that serve to protect workers, there are two types: OSHA standards and Cal/OSHA standards. OSHA standards The Occupational Safety

A school in Fort McPherson choose Delta Prevention

After an inspection by The Health and Security Local Organization, the Chief Julius School, located at 1000 km north of Whitehorse in Yukon, chose Delta Prevention. Initial Situation Established in

Kevin Key appointed President of Delta Prevention

Chambly, QC, Canada – Delta Prevention is proud to announce that Kevin Key has been appointed President of Delta Prevention. Kevin takes over from his father and outgoing President Mr.

Guardrails for sloping roof: How the Niobec mine protects his roof

Initial situation Located in Saint-Honoré, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the niobium deposit, known as the Niobec mine, has evolved since 1967. Today, this mine is one of the three largest producers of niobium

Removable Guardrail: 4 Criteria to Look for Before You Buy

Have you planned to ensure the safety of your workers on your construction or maintenance sites over the short term using a removable guardrail? Before moving on to the purchase

Roof Safety: When Should You Use Safety Rails?

Safety rails are barriers placed at the edge of a roof to reduce the risk of falls from heights, especially those related to a roof access. Usually made of highly

A Reliable and Durable Protection for McGill University

A Reliable and Durable Protection for McGill University This historic building gets their roof safe with Delta Prevention The Ferrier historic building of the McGill University was built in 1909

Delta Prevention is a proud partner of Solutions Prox-Secur.

Delta Prevention is a proud partner of Solutions Prox-Secur. The freestanding guardrails of the Quebec manufacturer are added to the Montreal company’s product line.   August 7, 2018 – Delta

Skylights: Why You Absolutely Need the Right Protection

Skylights: Why You Absolutely Need the Right Protection   Protection from the elements at height is a safety standard for workers in the construction industry, of course, but it’s also

The unrivaled flexibility of fall protection railings!

The unrivaled flexibility of fall protection railings!   The undeniable proof of the versatility of the Delta Prevention guardrail system.   With its unique counterweight base and numerous clamp connectors,

NASA trusts Delta Prevention for their roof safety

A protection specific to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration standards. This building belonging to the Federal government of the United States responsible for the civilian space program located in

Roof Hatches and Safety: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Roof Hatch Railing

When it comes to safety on a roof, there are Canadian and Quebec standards, as well as some criteria to consider making the best choice between several varieties of railings

Everything you need to know about the Fatal Four.

As of 2015, there were over 10 million workers in the United States of America in the construction industry. The fatal four represent the top four injuries that lead to

Beyond the norms: Exceptional roof fall protection for this multinational company

The company has made many acquisitions in the last few years and they are now present in 30 countries around the world.

CNESST : Zero tolerance on falling from height!

  It is essential for this committee to make workers and employers aware of the risks of working at height, but also to indicate the solutions and the tools that

BEFORE / AFTER : See how to correct these common roof fall hazards.

Does your roof looks like this? Don’t worry – there is a solution for all these fall hazard.   Whether it’s because of the year of construction or the multiple

An absolute fall protection system!

MSK Canada offers a complete fall protection coverage to this food industry giant with Delta Prevention safety guardrails. With a total area of more than 150 000 sq. ft, the

2017 most cited health and safety violations in Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has compiled a “top 10” list of violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and guess what ?? Fall protection is number 2 !

The most innovative roof fall protection equipment in Toronto

The most innovative roof fall protection equipment in Toronto Delta Prevention was proud to exhibit its lineup of roof fall protection guardrail at the 2018 Partners in Prevention Hosted by

OSHA standards: top 10 most cited of 2017

Are you are worried about the next time a compliance officer will inspects your facility or you just want to have a safer workplace ? Here the top 10 most

Crossover and step over platforms : How to avoid hazardous situations on your roof ?

  Crossover platforms are the best answer for a safe access to your roof and over any obstacle that obstructs the path of the workers.   Working on a roof

8 Benefits of a Permanent Warning Line When Working at Height

In addition to setting up an anti-fall system, it is important to visually indicate the areas in which workers at height can perform their tasks without putting themselves in danger.

HVAC Safety With Roof Guard Rail

Achieve safe HVAC maintenance with non-penetrating guardrail system As an expert in HVAC and building mechanics, your priority is the comfort of your customers. But what about the safety of

The Disadvantages of a Safety Harness for Roofing

When working at height, fall prevention devices are always preferred. But sometimes, it’s not possible to install them at certain sites, and in these cases, fall-arrest devices are used, such

7 Cons of Lifelines and Anchor Points

The CNESST Act provides that in Québec, any building taller than 3 meters must be equipped with a fall protection system when roof maintenance requires being 2 meters or closer

Flat roof snow removal: do it the safe way

Snow falls are inevitable. But falls from the roof are not. Last year, you promised yourself it would be the last time. This season, plan your flat roof snow removal

CASE STUDY | Roof fall protection: A unique solution for each situation

The versatility of the VSS System is proven on the rooftop of this customer. With its unique counterweight bases and various connectors, the VSS System from Delta Prevention has a

Establishing a Safety Line: A Mini-Guide to the Best Practices

Because it’s better to be safe than sorry, and because the law stipulates a protection obligation, here’s our mini-guide to the best practices regarding safety lines on a roof. Indeed,

Permanent Warning Lines on Worksites: The Importance of Respecting the Standards

At heights, much like guardrails, warning lines are mandatory in certain situations to prevent falls and accidents within the context of the execution of a project. In which cases should

Self-Supporting Guardrails: The Safest Solution for Your Roof

Are you looking for a safe and effective solution to mark off your roof and thereby prevent people on your roof from accidentally falling? Whether it’s a public or private

Case Study | Permanent Warning Line Coverage For This Water Treatment Plant

Where? The water treatment plant in the Montreal neighborhood of Dorval takes care of a large portion of the drinking water in the west of the city. This safety improvement is

Delta Prevention launches non-penetrating guardrail kit for roof ladder

Securing your roof access without damaging your membrane is made easy. The Canadian manufacturer of non-penetrating guardrails for roof safety just released a simple way to protect every access ladder

Safety Standards Reminder to Work Safely at Heights in Quebec

The main goal of Québec’s Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety adopted in 1979 is to prevent workplace accidents. The positions held by employees working at height on worksites are

Trade show report: Delta Protection impress in Toronto with its roof safety railing.

  Fall protection and roof safety is increasingly concerning in every industry. Because of regular maintenance on numerous HVAC units, lighting and security equipment or to support new energy sources,

3 Advantages of Self-Supporting Roof Guardrails for Temporary Work

Collective protection equipment takes precedence over personal protective equipment when working atop finished buildings or those under construction. Self-supporting roof guardrails can be used when it’s impossible or complex to

Case Study | This exclusive feature was priceless for ALCOA

Where? Recently acquired by Alcoa, Canadian leaders in fabrication and assembly of aluminum and titanium components, this business has health and safety standards as rigorous as the quality control it

Case study: Free standing guardrails at Notre-Dame Hospital (CHUM) – Montreal, QC

Where? The Notre-Dame hospital is one of the oldest health institution in Montreal. Founded in 1880, the building located on Sherbrooke street west was built in 1924. Obviously, roof safety

VIDEO-Delta Prevention introduces new permanent safety line

Delta Prevention introduces its latest fall protection system: the VSS SafetyLine is a permanent warning line designed and manufactured in Canada. Safer Surroundings The VSS SafetyLine warning line allows you