Sliding gate

The unloading of material on your roof must be done safely. Whether with a forklift or a lifting jib, there are risks. Having an unloading area equipped with a sliding gate can make this operation faster and much safer.

Features :

  • 100% freestanding
  • Maximum opening of 10′ (3 m)
  • Ergonomic handle located inside the guardrail
  • Compliance report included
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Manufactured in Quebec
  • Complies with the standards of the National Building Code (NBC)

Respect all standards

Our roof fall protection products are certified by an independent engineering firm and meet NBC and OSHA standards.

Designed to last

With our patented recycled rubber counterweight base and aluminum components, our system offers ultimate resistance to rust and deterioration.

made in canada

Made in Canada

Our eco-responsible products are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.

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10 year warranty

Peace of mind thanks to the best warranty on the market.

Why install a sliding gate?

Lifting equipment on your roof is an operation that requires working at the edge of the building. The flagman or the worker who will receive the equipment on the roof must have good visual communication with his colleague on the ground. It is essential that this worker be protected from falls during the operation. A sliding gate provides fall protection while lifting the equipment and creates an opening to allow a pallet or other large object to pass through the fall protection guardrail.

If the equipment is lifted on the roof with a forklift, the opening will allow the skid to be positioned directly on the surface of the roof. Additionally, the sliding gate can be closed behind the load to allow the worker to handle the material without being in falling hazard position.

The advantage of the sliding gate compared to a pivoting gate is that it can be closed without the material being an obstruction or without having to move the material once on the roof.

Where to install a sliding gate?

A sliding gate can be installed on all flat roofs where maintenance must be done periodically. If your building has a lifting jib, a sliding gate should automatically be considered. The Delta Prevention sliding gate is installed without perforation on the edge of the roof, whether there is a parapet or not.

Operation Area

The 20′ operation zone provides a safe position for the employee who will open and close the gate. By sliding the gate to the left, the opening is created in the loading area. It is important to remain in the operation area or flagger area during loading and unloading.

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Unloading Zone

The 10’ wide by 5’ deep unloading area allows you to receive material in bulk or on pallets. It is essential not to stand in the loading area when the gate is open. Once it is closed, employees can access the material. The barrier meets the standards for guardrails of the National Building Code.

National Building Code Compliant

When closed, the sliding gate complies with the National Building Code’s permanent guardrail standards. The 2 adjacent guardrails also comply with the same standards.

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Sliding gate maintenance

The sliding gate is a moving element that is designed to last for years. To maximize its performance over time, it is recommended to periodically lubricate the GA161-01 connectors with the lubricant supplied with the barrier.

Why choose a Delta Prevention sliding gate


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