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Discover Delta Prevention?

Delta Prevention is a Canadian manufacturer 100% dedicated to rooftops fall protection systems. Our non-penetrating roof safety railings are used throughout North America.

From our head office located in Brossard, QC, our specialized teams take care of:

Business processes: a road map to success

Preparing an order without mistake is easy. Doing it 500 times a year is more difficult. To achieve this, our internal processes are well defined and constantly improved.

Organized to perform

To eliminate errors that could lead to costly delays on your projects, our production team has organized our facility to maximize our efficiency and accuracy. The result? A consistency and precision unmatched in the industry.

We improve what we measure

Our goal is to position ourselves as the leading partner for our North American customers. To achieve this, we have implemented performance indicators that are rigorously monitored in each department of the company.

Acclaimed performance

In 2021, Delta Prevention was recognized with a mention during the Performance Quebec Award. The Quebec Performance Award is the highest distinction awarded annually by the Premier of Quebec to the best-performing private companies and public organizations. It is a recognition that celebrates the work of organizations that have succeeded in applying the best management practices.

Specialized services

Support for specifiers

Architects, engineers or consultants: we are 100% available to help you specify or design a fall protection system that will comply with current standards. Click here to start.

Engineering of custom solution

Our team of engineers, technicians and industrial designers is available to adapt our systems to the realities and constraints specific to your project. Contact us to get started.

Installation compliance report

Together with our network of nationwide distributors, we can perform a site survey to ensure the conformity of an installation of a Delta Prevention system. Contact us to get a quote.