Ladder fall protection and metal guardrails

The ladder fall protection guardrail kit for access ladders improves security around these very common access points. Delta Prevention has developed the ladder fall protection guardrail kit to fit all ladders and roofs.

Features :

  • No damage to the roof because 100 % freestanding
  • Aluminum finish preventing peeling paint
  • Recycled rubber base providing the best adhesion without extra sacrifice membrane
  • Ultimate resistance to rust and deterioration caused by rain, temperature changes and acidic environments
  • No cutting, quick and easy installation
  • Can be installed on roofs with or without parapet
  • Compliance report included
  • 10 year warranty

Access Ladder Fall Protection

Access ladders for going up or down a roof over 10 ‘ inevitably place you in a risky position as described in all standards. Added to this is the risk of descending backwards in the scale and the loss of benchmark once at the top. Thanks to the access ladder fall protection guardrail, you protect 12’6 “(3.81 m) on each side of the access ladder, ensuring the safety of your installations.

Can Be Combined With a Warning Line

The access ladder fall protection guardrail can be installed vertically to create the ideal clearance for a VSS Safetyline warning line perimeter. In this configuration, it guides the user to the safe area inside the roof, at a distance of 12’6 “(3.81 m) from the ledge. Because they share the same components, the permanent VSS Safetyline warning line connects perfectly to the access ladder fall protection guardrail to create a seamless fall protection.


  • Recycled eco-friendly rubber
  • Patented design
  • No corrosion or rust stain on the membrane
  • No cracking and spilling of filling material
  • Very high adhesion to the roof membrane
  • Can be installed directly on the roof without sacrificing a membrane
  • Moulded handle for easy handling

Tubing and Vertical Post :

  • Aluminium 6061-T6
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance
  • No risk of peeling paint
  • Ultra-light for easy installation

Permanent Access Ladder Fall Protection Railing

The life of your employees and contractors is based on your fall prevention system: it must withstand years of bad weather. Delta Prevention self-supporting railings therefore use unique materials from the industry to offer you the best protection for life

Technical Data Sheet – Ladder Fall Protection Guardrail

Length : 12’6″/side
Height : 42″
Width : 75″
Security fence opening : 22.75″ – 26.5″ (optionnel)
Counterweight : 50 lb/base
Counterweight – material : recycled rubber
Tubing and post : aluminum 6061-T6
Tubing and post – outside diameter : 1,9″
Fittings – material : galvanized steel
Hardware/Material : stainless steel
Tightening torque : 30 lb/pi (CL201: 20 lb/pi)
Compatible with VSS SafetyLine line : yes
Use : permanent
Shipping weight: 1030 lb
Design patent : #162620
In compliance with : CNESST: 2.9.2, 3.8.2 – CNBC: – OSHA: 1926.502, 1926.501 – Ontario Building Code: – WorkSafeBC: 11.2
Waranty : 10 years

Accessories – Guardrail for Access Ladder

Adjustable Safety Gate with Automatic Closure

The adjustable safety fence adds extra protection by closing behind you after use, blocking access to the ladder.

Material: Aluminum
Opening: 22.75″ – 26.5″


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