3 Key Questions Asked to Architects About Roofs Safety in Their Projects

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We increasingly collaborate with architects to introduce our roof fall protection solutions. We aim to raise their awareness of the importance of choosing guardrails, which are often a more economical option in terms of installation and maintenance compared to other solutions that require annual inspections. Here are three questions we regularly ask architects during our discussions about our freestanding guardrails.

Is fall protection part of your projects?

We often ask architects if they include falling protection in their projects. We want to know if they integrate these devices from the design stage. In our opinion, it is the responsibility of architects to design buildings that comply with safety standards for their clients. At the very least, they should address the issue with their clients and let them decide if they want to add this measure to their project.

What types of fall protection do you include in your mandates?

Another common question we ask architects concerns the types of fall protection they include in their projects. We seek to understand their preferences, whether it’s anchor points, lifelines, or other solutions. This allows us to propose our products, which can not only replace but also offer better performance than existing options. Indeed, a guardrail is a collective solution that protects all roof visitors. We also mention that these are passive solutions that act without any action required from the roof visitor. This is why a guardrail is at the top of the hierarchy of fall protection.

When you integrate guardrails, which brands or manufacturers do you specify?

We regularly ask this question to understand their habits in roof securing. Based on their responses, we present the advantages of Delta Prevention products compared to the competition. We highlight Delta Prevention’s expertise, a company dedicated exclusively to the production of freestanding guardrails. After a brief company presentation, we detail the various advantages of our products, including their durability, weather resistance, the use of recycled rubber for our bases, and the ease of installation of our systems thanks to pre-assembled vertical posts. Finally, we suggest they specify Delta Prevention products to ensure they choose the best system available on the market.


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