4 Tips to Prevent Falling from Heights

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When working at height, it is important to ensure that you are properly equipped to prevent falling from heights. Besides the construction field, many workplaces require work at height, such as roof maintenance and repair, window cleaning, and more.

In these fields, the statistics reveal terrifying figures. In 2017, falls from heights represented 16% of deaths related to workplace accidents, placing it 3rd among the causes of death at work. Knowing this, it is therefore crucial to know the right methods to prevent falling from heights.

Now, discover 4 recommendations from our prevention experts to reduce the risks of falls.

1.    Training and awareness

Preventing falls from heights starts with the right training. When an employee is aware of the risks and appropriately prepared, the risks of falling are considerably reduced. We therefore highly recommend providing training to workers so that they use the safest possible methods.

However, the work doesn’t stop with training. To perform work at height safely, we also recommend that workers learn to correctly identify the prevention equipment that they will need according to the work to be performed. The equipment varies according to the frequency of the work, the height, and—of course—the work area.

Don’t hesitate to use an unsafe situation declaration form to allow your employees to identify a risk present in their workspace.

2. Be aware of previous accidents to prevent falling from heights

Even if no accidents have occurred under your supervision, it is important to be aware that accidents happen fast. Take the accidents that occurred previously—under your supervision or not—into account in order to prevent falling from heights. As minor as it may have been, each accident was subject to an in-depth analysis. By analyzing them, you will considerably reduce the risk of a reoccurrence.

3. Prevent falling from heights with a rigorous inspection of your work area

Another way to prevent falling from heights is to conduct a rigorous inspection of your work area on a daily basis. Every day, go over the risky areas, such as ladders and the edges of roofs. In the construction industry, these risky areas multiply with temporary scaffolding, incomplete roofs, holes, and equipment. It is therefore crucial to take all these elements into account to reduce your risks of falling.

4. Work with the right equipment to prevent falling from heights

Finally, to prevent falling from heights, you also need to work with equipment suited to work at height. The best way to protect yourself from work-related accidents at height is to use a roof guardrail system.

What is a roof guardrail system?

Roof guardrails let you protect work areas with railings. These railings can be installed permanently around a roof, skylight, or light shaft. They can also be freestanding, which makes them fast and easy to install. In addition, since they can be installed without perforations, you reduce the risks of water infiltration.

Warning! For a roof guardrail to be able to do its job properly and provide optimal protection to workers, it must be chosen based on its compliance with Canadian standards (NBC). We therefore strongly recommend purchasing your roof guardrails from a Canadian manufacturer.

Extension ladder stabilizer

Besides roof guardrails, an extension ladder stabilizer is a good way to prevent accidents at height. Many accidents occur on extension ladders, where protection is left to a minimum. By using a stabilizer, you create a safe access point for roofs accessible by an extension ladder. This equipment can easily be installed without anchoring in a few minutes on flat roofs with or without a parapet.

Work at height carries many risks. Fortunately, by investing in suitable prevention equipment, you can considerably reduce these risks.

If you need more information about our roof guardrails or our extension ladder stabilizer, contact us by email at info@deltaprevention.com. Our experts will be pleased to assist you.


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