Amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety regulations (OHS) for warning lines

On January 3, 2019, amendments to the OHS came into force regarding the prevention of falls from height. As part of the amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Chapter S-2.1, s. 223), we have adapted the configuration of our permanent VSS SafetyLine warning line. Here are the new regulations: 


“A warning line must be:
7° installed so that the line is:
1. (a) located at a height between 0,7 m from the surface at its lowest point and 1,2 m at its highest point;
2. (b) supported by bollards placed at intervals not exceeding 2.5 m;
3. c) attached to each bollard in such a way that pushing on the line between 2 bollards does not cause an equivalent collapse of the line between adjacent posts. ”

What is the purpose of the VSS SafetyLine?

A permanent warning line is used to define a visual safety perimeter between work areas at height. The warning line cannot replace a guardrail if a risk of falling within 2 metres of the edge of the roof must be eliminated. However, it can replace a guardrail when the guardrail prevents the performance of a task that could not otherwise be performed. In this case, all work performed outside the area delimited by the permanent line must be done using a safety harness connected to an anchoring system.


Changes to the VSS SafetyLine

First, the interval between the bollards was reduced. Previously, the bollards were at a distance of 3.8 metres (12.5 feet). They must now be placed 2.5 metres (8 feet) apart. The steel cable is now shorter and only one yellow nylon flag is required between the bollards. As the distance between the bollards is reduced, there is no need to double the bases on each of the bollards. Only one 50 lb. base made of recycled rubber is required to comply with the standard. However, for better structural support, the posts at the ends of the VSS SafetyLine must have two bases. This is the new configuration of the VSS SafetyLine according to the RSST.


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