An absolute fall protection system!

Case Study

MSK Canada offers a complete fall protection coverage to this food industry giant with Delta Prevention safety guardrails.

With a total area of more than 150 000 sq. ft, the impressive Boucherville plant of this food industry giant is a model of incident prevention. Thanks to a comprehensive safety plan, accepted and followed by all, the leaders of this company work hard to eliminate risks in each area of the building.


Preventing Fall Hazard at the Source

The Canadian National Building code specifies that every building of more than 10’ high must have a fall protection system in place in order to protect everyone working within 6’6’’ (2 m) of the leading edge of its roof. With more than twenty different levels, the rooftop of this factory is a maze where falling hazard are numerous and hard to eliminate.

This is why the health and safety managers have chosen collective fall protection over individual protections. To the opposite of PPE, a collective fall protection system like freestanding guardrails offers safety to everyone visiting the rooftop and eliminates the troubles associated with the education, use and maintenance of PPE like harness, safety line of anchor points.


Fall Hazards at every steps

A production facility like this one inevitably generates many types of fall hazard. Thanks to the non-penetrating guardrails from Delta Prevention, the integrator MSK Canada was able to correct every hazardous situation on the roof:

  • Leading edges with parapet walls
  • Leading edges without parapet walls
  • Roof access ladders
  • AC units
  • Roof drain



A durable fall protection solution

The non-penetrating guardrails from Delta Prevention were chosen for their versatility but also for their renown durability (and 10-year warranty). Aluminum posts and handrails eliminate risk of corrosion over time and the patented recycled rubber bases insure unrivalled traction and stability on every type of roof. Corrosion protection is essential for a rooftop guardrail since its often positioned where water accumulates, making it extremely prone to rusting. To protect your employees, subcontractors and the integrity of your rooftop, choosing the right product is essential. This is why MSK Canada is proud to distribute and install Delta Prevention guardrails.




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