Case Study | Permanent Warning Line Coverage For This Water Treatment Plant

Case Study


The water treatment plant in the Montreal neighborhood of Dorval takes care of a large portion of the drinking water in the west of the city. This safety improvement is part of the major 336 million $ investment in the water infrastructure announced in 2015.


It’s the project manager in charge of the roofing restoration that also prepared the tender for the supply and the installation of a permanent warning line on the building. Therefore, the roofing contractor that got the main project also obtained the installation of the fall protection system.


Inspired by the increasing emphasis from the CNESST and other safety organizations in industrial application, the manager of the water plant took advantage of the work done on the roof to completely eliminate falling hazards from their building.

Additionally, the white elastomer membrane used on the roof created an additional issue during winter inspection. Even if a safety circulation pathway was designed in the membrane itself, a fall protection system was necessary.

The Delta Prevention Advantage

Delta Prevention was preferred for the durability and high quality of the VSS SafetyLine permanent warning line system. The recycled rubber offers a very high grip on the roof without damaging it and will resist to rust and corrosion compared to traditional steel bases.

Also, the VSS System’s versatility allows the warning line to be easily connected to the guardrail protecting the access ladder used on the roof without any additional material.

What ?

The product used for this project is the VSS SafetyLine permanent warning line as well as a guardrail kit that protects the single roof ladder. The nylon covered steel cables and the PVC flags insure high-visibility in all conditions.

How ?

Since no HVAC units are positioned in the critical area within 6’6” of the edge of the roof, a perimeter of guardrail wasn’t necessary. Only the roof access ladder needed to be protected by a 32’ guardrail installed along the parapet wall. The perimeter was then secured by a 635 linear feet permanent warning line. A complete coverage that reflects the advanced fall protection thinking of the institution.  

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