Case study: Free standing guardrails at Notre-Dame Hospital (CHUM) – Montreal, QC

Case Study


The Notre-Dame hospital is one of the oldest health institution in Montreal. Founded in 1880, the building located on Sherbrooke street west was built in 1924. Obviously, roof safety standards were much different in this era.


A specialized architecture firm was commissioned for this project. Their main goal was to identify and suggest a versatile and permanent solution to improve fall protection on portion of the roof deemed dangerous.


Driven by the growing emphasis on roof fall protection in the last years, the health and safety managers of the institution didn’t want to wait for the first incident. This is why the architectural firm was contracted to put together a roof safety plan.

Because they are freestanding and thus, safe for the roof membrane, non-penetrating guardrails was without a doubt the best fall protection method to achieve this challenge.


The product chosen and installed was the Delta Prevention non-penetrating guardrail because it’s versatile and meets every fall protection standards from Canada and the USA. Installed in both CLASSIC and COMPACT configurations, the aluminum roof protection guardrail offers high resistance to weather damages and a 10 years warranty.


Every roof safety interventions were performed around the perimeter of HVAC units, to protect roof accesses and increase safety on walkways from one roof to the other.

Roofing fall protection on a multi-level building like the Notre-Dame hospital is made simple with a versatile non-penetrating guardrail like Delta Prevention. Lifted on the roof in 8 drop zones, a total of 17 sections of free-standing guardrails were installed for a total of 600 linear feet.

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