Crossover and step over platforms : How to avoid hazardous situations on your roof ?

Crossover platform


Crossover platforms are the best answer for a safe access to your roof and over any obstacle that obstructs the path of the workers.


Working on a roof : a dangerous environment.


Air ducts, pipes, skylights, parapets and other obstacles are dangerous for those who work on roofs. In fact, there are many injury hazards related to hot pipes. For example, if a roof worker constantly have to climb over them, it increase the risk of equipment damages and probably cause costly repairs.
By preventing rooftop traffic from walking over or around obstructions on the roof with the addition of a step over platform, you not only extend the life of your roof, but also avoid any damage of the piping and other obstructions.


Crossover platforms : reliable and safe solutions for your roof


Step over platforms have many benefits for the safety and the efficiency on your roof.

Aware that each roof is unique, the crossover platform adapts to each of your requirements and offers a wide range of configurations.

Moreover, by preventing rooftop traffic from walking over or around obstructions on the roof you not only prevent injuries from occurring, but you also decrease the stress that can result from this situation.

That is why crossover platforms represent a lasting solution for the elimination of hazardous situations while ensuring an increasing productivity in a safer environment.

Finally, step over platforms adapts to your requirements and the specificities of your roof :

  • Climbing over pipes and ducts
  • Accommodate changes in the roof’s level
  • Provide access to hard to reach locations
  • Improve the crossing between roofs

Why should you choose Delta Prevention’s crossover platforms ?

Thanks to our highest quality materials, Delta Prevention provides robust self-supporting step over platforms :

  • Aluminum guardrail for an Ultimate resistance to rust and deterioration caused by rain, temperature changes and acidic environments.
  • A perforated fibreglass platform for optimum grip providing a permanent water evacuation and excellent weather resistance.
  • Finally, versatile DELTAMAX bases made of recycled eco-friendly rubber that provides a non-penetrating installation without a sacrificial membrane.

Delta Prevention’s crossover platforms use materials that have already proven their quality and durability while offering expertise, speed of action and adaptability to every situation.


If you are interested in Delta Prevention’s step over platforms or if you want to improve the safety of your roofs, contact us and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.


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