Delta Prevention featured at the 7th Grand Rendez-vous de l’Innovation en Montérégie


On January 28th, Delta Prevention’s President, Kevin Key, was invited to the 7th Grand Rendez-vous de l’Innovation en Montérégie. Mr. Key was part of a panel composed of three Quebec company managers. Two important and recurring themes were addressed during the discussions: the major challenges of entrepreneurial succession and the impact of new technologies in a company. Here is what the president of Delta Prevention had to say. 


The major challenges of entrepreneurial succession

Mr. Key is taking over Delta Prevention, a manufacturing company founded by his father. Involved in the management of the company for 10 years now, Mr. Key says that one of the major challenges to be overcome when taking over the business is to surround yourself with the right people. Thanks to his talented team that shares the same vision and passion as he does, Delta Prevention has experienced tremendous growth and continues to prosper.


The impacts of new technologies in a company

Mr. Key shares the many tools used internally to increase the team’s efficiency on a daily basis and thus provide better service to his clients. Mr. Key also mentioned that without measuring results, his team would never be as efficient. From the finance department to production, the measurement of performance indicators is the key activity to the company’s prosperity. Measuring results allows all departments to set achievable goals and then to continuously improve. Mr. Key’s final piece of advice would be to start measuring results as soon as possible, even if on a smaller scale. 


In conclusion, Delta Prevention is proud to have participated in the 7th Grand Rendez-vous de l’Innovation en Montérégie, the annual event that showcases the region’s managers and their companies at the provincial level. 


Delta Prevention is a manufacturer of non-penetrating fall protection equipment for rooftop. With innovative materials and industry leading versatility, Delta Prevention’s VSS System is the safest and most durable collective fall protection system on the market. Visit our website at  


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