Delta Prevention roof safety railing installed in Connecticut

Case Study

An American industrial equipment distributor chooses Delta Prevention to protect the Unitex manufacturer’s roof.

Initial Situation

Following a fine issued during an OSHA inspection visit,, the uniform manufacturer Unitex, located in Connecticut, contacted Warner Specialty Products to solve its problem.

The fine related to a violation of working at height standards, as both the ventilation ducts and the lint collector were located in a risk area. There was no roof safety railing to protect employees or subcontractors who had to go to the roof to work.. They were therefore  exposed to a very high risk of falling.

The Problem

Delta Prevention has developed a customized solution of roof safety railing to protect the manufacturer’s roof. First of all, there is the lint collector and ventilation ducts to be secured. Furthermore, the ladder giving access to the roof also represented risk of falling and needed to be protected. To direct roof visitors between roof access and the workplace, a visual safety perimeter was also required.

The Solution

Delta Prevention specialists have designed a tailor-made solution for Unitex that makes the roof safer and compliant with OSHA standards, the workplace safety rules in the United States. At first, the installation of the ladder fall protection keeps workers in the ladder safe. Furthermore, the ladder fall protection secures 12’ 6“ (3.81 m) on each side of the access ladder, ensuring the safety around the access point. Thereafter, the guardrail system and the roof safety railing were proposed to protect the lint collector section. Since there was no parapet, the VSS Classic configuration was selected for the project. Finally, the VSS roof warning line system has been installed from the ladder access to the ducts to create a visual safety perimeter.

Final Situation

Warner Specialty Products was delighted to work with Delta Prevention products. His client is satisfied that his roof is now safe. The ease of installation of roof safety railing and the Delta Prevention’s qualified personnel  pleased the Connecticut distributor. Many other projects are now underway following this great partnership!

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Delta Prevention is a manufacturer of non-penetrating fall protection equipment for rooftop. With innovative materials and industry leading versatility, Delta Prevention’s VSS System is the safest and most durable collective fall protection system on the market. Visit our website at  


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