Enhanced Safety with Roof Access Hatch Guardrail

fall prevention

Roofs, often equipped with access hatches, pose a potential safety risk for individuals working at heights. To counter this danger, the guardrail specifically designed for roof access hatches offers a comprehensive and reliable solution. Installed along the edge of the hatch, this device ensures safety by preventing falls when the hatch is left open.

An Innovative Roof Access Hatch Guardrail

One of the distinctive features of this guardrail lies in its innovative clamping system, eliminating the need for penetrating the roof membrane. This greatly facilitates installation, reducing the time required to effectively secure the roof access hatch. This versatile clamping system can be adjusted to fit existing hatches of all sizes, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for various environments.

A Lightweight and Durable Roof Access Hatch Guardrail

The structure of the guardrail is composed of anodized aluminum pipes, ensuring exceptional robustness and durability. The lightweight nature of aluminum adds no excessive load to the roof while providing adequate strength to protect against potential falls.

Improved Ergonomics with a Roof Access Hatch Guardrail

Practicality is a priority with this roof access hatch guardrails, as evidenced by its additional features. An adjustable self-closing gate is included, adding an extra layer of safety by ensuring the automatic closure of the roof access hatch after use. Furthermore, a handle is integrated to facilitate the entry and exit, enhancing accessibility while maintaining high safety standards.

Roof Access Hatch Guardrail: Backed by a10-year Warranty

The commitment to quality is underscored by a robust 10-year warranty, offering long-term peace of mind for users. Manufactured in Canada, this roof access hatch guardrail not only meets local standards but also complies with national regulations, including CNB, and OSHA, ensuring rigorous adherence to safety standards.

In conclusion, the roof access hatch guardrail combines ingenuity, safety, and durability to create a safer and more reliable working environment at heights. Its quick installation, innovative features, and compliance with standards make it an essential choice for those seeking to effectively secure access to roofs.


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