Guardrails for sloping roof: How the Niobec mine protects his roof

Case Study

Initial situation

Located in Saint-Honoré, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the niobium deposit, known as the Niobec mine, has evolved since 1967. Today, this mine is one of the three largest producers of niobium in the world. It is also the only underground mining of this metal in the world.

To protect workers who have access to the roof, Niobec got help from an engineering firm. As this firm had previously worked with Delta Prevention products and had been very satisfied with the service, they called on their service again.


This project contained a major constraint, the roof slope. Indeed, the building to be protected has a roof slope of 10 degrees and the Delta Prevention guardrails system and roof fall protection is configured to protect roofs with an angle of 5 degrees or less. The Delta Prevention team has worked hard internally to configure roof guardrails for sloping roof that are safe and reliable.


After several drawings with the internal engineer, Delta Prevention was able to modify the VSS Classic fall protection system slightly to correct the lack of adhesion due to the roof slope. Once accepted by the engineering firm and the client, the roof guardrails for sloping roof has been installed in four days.

Subsequently, the in-house engineer went on site to ensure that the roof guardrails for sloping roof has been installed correctly and that the roof of the Niobec mine is now permanently protected while preserving the integrity of the infrastructure. You can see more photos here!

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