How to Estimate The Cost of Roof Guardrails?


“How much does it cost?” The cost of roof guardrails generates a lot of curiosity. Many contractors or architects frequently ask us for information to determine or estimate the cost of a project or installation. We have compiled the main factors that influence the cost of roof guardrails.

Roof Guardrails Cost: Per Section, Not Per Project

“There are 200 linear feet on this project: what is the cost? ”We are often asked this type of question. The cost of a roof guardrail project is not determined by the total number of linear feet, but by section. A section is a portion of the guardrail that has a beginning and an end.


  • Project 1: 200 feet total, 1 section only
  • Project 2: 200 feet, 10 sections of 20 feet
roof guardrail layout on a building
Project 1: 200 feet total, 1 section only
Rooftop safety railing layout on commercial building
Project 2: 200 feet total, 10 sections of 20 feet

The cost of the roof guardrails in project 2 will be double that of project 1! Why? Because a section has a beginning and an end, project 2 will have 20 beginnings/ends while project 1 will have only 2. The start and end are assemblies acting as counterweight to ensure the capacity of the entire section. Therefore, there is a lot more material on project 2.

Rooftop guardrail shop drawing on white background
Project 1: One section of guardrail has only one beginning/end.
Project 2: 10 sections of guardrail have 20 beginning/ends.

Thus, it is essential to prepare a guardrail location plan to get a realistic cost estimate for the roof guardrails project.

Roof Guardrails Cost: Each Section Is Different

It is common for materials to be sold by the foot or linear meter. This is not the case here; the cost of two sections of roof guardrail of the same length can vary considerably. Two elements influence the cost of a roof guardrail section: the length and the number of corners.

For example, here are two 100 linear foot sections:

  • Section 1: 100′ long, straight
  • Section 2: 100′ long with 4 corners (27/31/16/14/12)
Safety railing layout on top of commercial building
Section 1: 100′ long, straight section.
Roof safety railing on top of industrial building
Section 2: 100′ long, 4 corners.

In this comparison, section 2 is 20% more expensive. In the VSS Compact version, a complete post must be accounted for at each corner. In addition, the number of pipes needed varies almost every foot. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s best to talk to our team of experts!

Select The Right Roof Guardrail To Reduce The Cost

While both of our roof guardrail configurations meet the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) standards, there is always a configuration better suited for every situation:

  • VSS Classic: ideal for very long sections, if there are many corners, ladder sides, narrow corridors.
  • VSS Compact: ideal for sections whose length is a multiple of 10′, around small units, for units is very close to the edge

With two configurations, you have the convenience of being able to choose the setup best suited to each situation. Our team can help you in the early stages of design.


How To Reduce The Cost of Roof Guardrails?

There are several ways to maximize protection and reduce the cost of a roof guardrail project. Here are a few:

  • Combine multiple sections located in close proximity into one longer section
  • Avoid changes in direction and eliminate unnecessary corners
  • Round off measurements to maximize material

Whatever the situation, we can help you design a system that will provide maximum safety while minimizing the cost of the roof guardrails you plan to install. Click here to contact our team.


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