How to Stabilize a Ladder

Ladder Stabilizer

When working in an environment that requires ladders and heights, you can find yourself in some dangerous situations.Though it is not discussed often enough, ladders are one of the most common reasons for injury in the workplace. It ranks sixth out of the top ten most common reasons of injury in the workplace. 

As dangerous as it may be, with the proper set up and safety measures, a ladder does not need to be such a dooming proponent to your workday. You see, many people think the danger is in a ladder falling backwards. However, this is a misconception as the hazard is falling by the side. 

In this blog, we will show you how to secure a ladder to a roof. We have covered everything from bottom to top of the ladder for the best safety guide in using a ladder in the workplace.

Begin with an Inspection

To properly secure a ladder to a roof, you need to begin with the state of the ladder itself. Ensure there are no safety mishaps that are easily preventable. 

Before continuing with securing your ladder, check to see that the ladder rungs are in good shape and not bent or broken. Also, ensure there is no oil, grease or other substance that could cause slipping. 

You would be surprised by how many people fall off of a ladder due to causes that were easily preventable. 

A Good Set-Up

When stabilizing a ladder, you want to work from the bottom and upwards. If the base of your ladder is faulty, you don’t have a secure start.

The Ladders Base

Make sure to place your ladder on a firm, level surface. If the area is unsteady, slippery, or not leveled, the ladder does not have a reliable base and will be unsteady. 

Furthermore, always clean up the surrounding area. You want to remove any clutter or dangerous objects so that, while descending, you do not trip and fall or land on something. 

The Ladders Top

By properly securing a ladder to the roof, you can ensure that it does not fall backwards (thought that goes against the misconception, but always safety first). 

To secure the ladder to the top, use something sturdy to keep it in place. This could be rope or steel, but better yet, we recommend using a ladder stabilizer system.

Using a Ladder Stabilizer System

If you want to ensure your ladder is properly secured to the roof of a building, opt for a ladder stabilizer system.

Our ladder stabilizer system at Delta Prevention is designed to create safe access to roofs accessible by an extension ladder. 

The stabilizer offers features that enhance your experience and overall safety of stabilizing and using a ladder on a roof. It includes:

  1. 100% non-penetrating
  2. Works with roofs with or without parapet
  3. Is lightweight and rust resistant
  4. Made with a steel stabilizer
  5. Easy to install 

With a sturdy stabilizer, you can climb and descend with confidence and security. Not only will you get up the ladder safely, but walkin on the roof is easier with side railings to support your balance. 

If you want to know more information about our ladder stabilizer, you can contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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