HVAC Safety With Roof Guard Rail


Achieve safe HVAC maintenance with non-penetrating guardrail system

As an expert in HVAC and building mechanics, your priority is the comfort of your customers. But what about the safety of your teams? Every day, your technicians face the risk of falls from height, too often caused by non-compliant installations.

The Solution

The non-penetrating roof guard rail from Delta Prevention. Versatile and easy to install, they eliminate the risk of falls while working on your customers’ rooftop and allow you to increase HVAC work safety. Roof guard rails from Delta Prevention can be configured to protect sections as short as 10’ and up to the complete roof perimeter. Here’s how to include them in the maintenance plan.


How are you currently working?                                      

Which fall protection method do you currently rely on for HVAC safety? If you count on the anchor points on your customer’s roof, ask yourself these questions before planning your day:

  • How many anchor points are there ?
  • Where are they positioned ?
  • Are they certified ? If so, since when ?
  • Do you have the freedom of movement necessary to do your job ?

Maybe do you use mobile anchor points. Their usage is different their permanent anchor point:

  • Is it available for each project ?
  • How to get it on the rooftop ?


Many HVAC contractors also use their customer’s platform to anchor themselves while working on the roof. Relying on this method is dangerous since you always depends on its availability !

The Goal: Raise Your Customer’s Awareness

Before talking to your customer about installing roof guard rails, you have to inform him of the nature of the work your team has to do during each maintenance. Here are a few tips:

  • Show him what you have to do on the rooftop.
  • Ask him if a there is a OHS budget in place .
  • Can this investment be absorbed in the replacement of the HVAC unit?
  • Roof guard rail system is a permanent and collective fall protection: the safety of their business, other subcontractors and employees will also be improved.
  • In a unionized environment: The customer faces a “maintenance refusal” or a possible “refusal of work”.

Roof guard rail from Delta Prevention: A versatile protection

Easily configurable, Delta Prevention’s roof guard rails can be used to protect every area on your roof:

  • HVAC Unit
  • Roof access hatch
  • Roof access ladder
  • Skylight


Getting started – 3 options to make your operations safe:


A- You own have a kit of roof guard rails.

  • A constant protection, which you install on each work site.
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Extremely durable

B- Add roof guard rails to your maintenance plan.

  • Additional profits (sale and installation of the system)
  • Faster maintenance (no time wasted attaching, adjusting, rolling the rope)
  • Protection provided at each visit
  • No installation required
  • Customer benefit: A risk of falls is permanently eliminated on the rooftop

C- Refer Delta Prevention to your customer

  • No additional administrative burden
  • No purchase of material
  • The assurance of being protected at each visit
  • No installation required
  • The customer eliminates a risk of falls on his rooftop


To get more information or a quick and free quotation, get in touch with us now!


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