Is Fall Protection Required on Flat Roofs?

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Should you install fall protection on a flat roof on a construction site? What about permanent protection? The short answer: yes. Installing a fall protection system is always recommended, because it lets you protect workers at height.

We would tend to believe that a flat roof is safer than a sloping roof, due to the fact that it is flat. Unfortunately, this mistake costs many workers their lives each year. Carrying out work on a roof, whether it is flat or sloping, involves its share of risks. In addition to height, accidents happen fast. A poorly placed tool or a lack of stability is enough to cause one. When working on a roof, you should always remember that you’re just one false step away from tragedy.

How can you ensure that the employees on your roof are protected? Our experts offer you a few sound solutions.

Effectively Protect the Means of Access to the Roof

Far too many accidents happen while accessing the roof. It is therefore crucial to ensure that these means of access are safe before starting the work. To do this, we recommend protecting the access hatches and access ladders with guardrail systems. This will help reduce the risks of an employee falling and injuring themselves—or worse—in these means of access.

Extension ladders are also not without risks. We therefore recommend opting for an extension ladder stabilizer. The stabilizer is fast and easy to install. You can also install it permanently or temporarily, according to your needs. Its installation poses no risk to the roof, since it is installed without perforation and doesn’t require the roof to have parapets.

Fall Protection on Flat Roofs: Guardrails

In addition to protecting the means of access to your roof, it’s necessary to consider installing guardrails on the edge of your roof. You can also choose from two guardrail solutions: temporary movable guardrails or freestanding guardrails. Find out all there is to know about these fall protection systems for flat roofs thanks to our experts.

Temporary Movable Guardrails

Do you need temporary fall protection on a flat roof? If you have a construction site or are carrying out work, temporary movable systems are an ideal solution. They can be installed quickly and without perforation. These systems will also provide effective additional protection against falls from your flat roof for the entire duration of the work.

Wooden guardrails are a temporary solution, but freestanding guardrails are a much safer and more effective option. Delta Prevention’s temporary movable guardrails are an excellent temporary fall protection system. In addition to offering increased protection, they meet all Canadian OHS standards.

Freestanding Fall Protection Systems for Flat Roofs

The best way to protect yourself while working on a flat roof is to invest in a freestanding guardrail system.

Freestanding systems are beneficial, since they can be installed permanently or temporarily. In addition, they are easy to install and won’t risk damaging the roof, since they don’t require any perforation. The material that makes up the base of the freestanding systems adheres perfectly to the roof.

This fall protection system can be installed on a flat roof with or without parapets. It is the ideal solution to protect workers from falls.

If you have any questions about fall protection systems for flat roofs, contact our experts. We will be pleased to take your call and discuss this with you.


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