NASA trusts Delta Prevention for their roof safety

Case Study

A protection specific to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration standards.

This building belonging to the Federal government of the United States responsible for the civilian space program located in Virginia Beach in United States went the extra miles with a fall hazards protection project.


Prevent falls from the source

The OSHA fall protection standards mentions that every building more than 10’ height require a roof protection system to prevent fall hazards for every workers working closer than 6 foot (1.8 m) from the roof edge. With many obstacles on the roof which can easily cause a fall hazard, the NASA building really needed a roof protection system to avoid any accidents.


Small roof problems

The problems were that the HVAC unit, roof drain and roof hatch were all closer than the regular 1,8 meter required from the roof edge. This is the reason why the access and the maintenance for every of these equipment was a high risk for fall hazards.


Many problems, one solution

The NASA building was already equipped with lifelines to protect their employees on the roof. The administration decided to change for a collective protection instead of individual protection to increase their safety on the roof. In fact, the freestanding guardrail from Delta Prevention was chosen for its flexibility on restricted areas and its ultimate resistance to rust in every environment. The VSS Classic was the configuration chosen to prevent fall hazards from the roof. The building in the state of Virginia is now conform to the OSHA standards and the administration will no longer have to worry about potential fall hazards on their roof.


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