Review of the Western Conference on Safety 2024


During the recent Western Conference on Safety, focused on safety in Western Canada, we were pleased to highlight our continuous dedication to ensuring the safety of workers at heights across the country. As a leader in our field, our presence at this event was more than just a showcase; it embodied our determination to be there for every worker, wherever they may be in Canada. We seized this opportunity to reaffirm our national commitment to safety, demonstrating our unwavering resolve to protect those who take risks every day for their work.

Products Showcased at the Event

At WCS 2024, Delta Prevention presented 3 products from its full range of fall protection solutions. The first product showcased was the VSS Classic, a robust and configurable fall protection solution that offers reliable protection. The VSS Compact was also featured at the trade show. This compact yet equally effective solution is designed to protect tighter spaces, minimizing its space requirements. The last product showcased was Delta Prevention’s warning lines. These warning lines are used to delineate a visual protection perimeter between elevated work areas. This trade show allowed the Delta Prevention team to demonstrate the various features and importance of their products to the attending visitors.

Flexibility of use, a key feature

This trade show sparked significant interest and inquiries from general contractors regarding our guardrails. Their inquiries primarily revolved around the removable and temporary aspect of our products. They found it intriguing to be able to use our solutions, which are permanent, in a removable and temporary manner, according to their different projects. The non-penetrating aspect of the product attracted them to using our solutions on their various construction sites or projects. General contractors are turning to Delta Prevention products as an alternative to wooden guardrails, which come with their fair share of drawbacks. Costs associated with wooden guardrails are often high in terms of materials and installation. Waste is also a consideration when installing wooden guardrails in terms of raw material, and when extrapolated across the number of projects requiring guardrails, the losses are substantial. General contractors are therefore making the right move by showing interest in our products, which address all of these issues. It’s a new market that is increasingly interested in our safety solutions.

Involvement of Our Partners

The cooperation between Delta Prevention and its partners is crucial for the company. Maintaining strong relationships is essential to our success. It is vital for Delta Prevention to be active in the markets where our distributors operate to demonstrate our support and presence. Our relational efforts are paying off, as when we represent our brand across the country, our distributors are there to support us. At the WCS trade show, we benefited from the support of our partners at kN Fall Protection Services to answer questions and present our products to visitors interested in fall safety. The participation of distributors like kN Fall Protection Services is highly valuable and important for at trade shows. The expertise of a local distributor provides insights and knowledge of market challenges and standards in that region. This brings valuable expertise for event attendees.

Our Conclusions at the End of the Trade Show

At the conclusion of the Western Conference on Safety, we can conclude that roof safety products are becoming increasingly known in the industry. Actors from various industries, including food, manufacturing, government buildings, and many others, are interested in solutions for securing elevated spaces. Our various encounters have shown us how much people are becoming more aware of the importance of securing roofs for the different workers who need access to them. This directly aligns with Delta’s mission to provide safer collective work environments for people working in higher-risk situations, such as at heights. This observation urges us to continue promoting our products and advocating for the importance of protecting higher-risk spaces to avoid risking the lives of the human beings who work there.


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