CASE STUDY | Roof fall protection: A unique solution for each situation

Case Study

The versatility of the VSS System is proven on the rooftop of this customer.

With its unique counterweight bases and various connectors, the VSS System from Delta Prevention has a configuration for each roof fall protection situation. Here it is in action on a customer’s rooftop, an international leader in the transportation industry from Canada.

VSS CLASSIC: The Original

Because its ballasts are located further from the post, the VSS CLASSIC complies with all standards with a minimum of counterweight bases. Therefore, it is the best value for roof fall protection on longer sections. The VSS CLASSIC is also recommended when there is no parapet wall because its wider footprint increase traction on the roof surface. Finally, if the parapet wall is low and the look from the street is important, the VSS CLASSIC will be the best choice because of the low profile of its single base.

VSS COMPACT: The Best in Tight Space or Temporary Usage

If available space is reduced by a HVAC unit or a ladder exit near the leading edge, the VSS COMPACT is the very best choice. By stacking two counterweight bases, the system complies with all standards without needing the “lever action” of the VSS CLASSIC configuration. The VSS COMPACT is very fast to set up which makes it ideal for temporary protection or rental usage.

Roof Hatch Guard: The Safe Choice

To increase safety around roof access hatches, Delta Prevention just launched a guardrail kit that adapts perfectly to almost all types of hatches. Equipped with an adjustable self-closing safety gate, the access to the hatch is protected at all time. Since access hatch are often installed close to the leading edge, a safety lock is built in, helping roof fall protection when exiting the ladder. Like the rest of Delta Prevention products, the railing is in aluminum for the best corrosion protection and lowest weight.


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