The Delta Prevention Ladder Support Installed On Six buildings Of This Renowned Real Estate Owner

Ladder Stabilizer

Quintcap Chooses Delta Prevention Ladder Support To Improve Security And Access To Its Buildings

The security of access to the roofs of its buildings is one of the responsibilities of a real estate company. To leave nothing to chance, Quintcap chose to create a dedicated and secure access point for six of its buildings by installing ladder supports. Here is why this company chose our system.

Ladder Support Makes HVAC Unit Maintenance Safer
This is unavoidable, the hundreds of mechanical units on the roofs of buildings will have to be maintained in good working order and inspected several times each year. Maintenance visits will occur at varying moments, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. These visits will be done by various companies and inevitably by different technicians. The combination of all these factors creates a considerable accident potential. The property owner has therefore decided to act on one of the variables under his control: access to the roof. The Delta Prevention ladder support creates a dedicated roof access point and all technicians are instructed to use it. This prevents them from perforating the roof sheathing in many places during visits or worse, from climbing without securing their ladder.

The Ladder Support Replaces The Installation Of A Permanent Ladder
Obviously, access control to the roof could have been done by other methods than ladder support. A permanent ladder, equipped with a guardrail for an access ladder, would have been just as effective. But installing this type of equipment on existing buildings is a much more expensive project, involving engineering costs and the installation of a lifeline on ladders 20′ or longer. In addition, access to permanent ladders must be properly blocked at ground level, as they create an attractive challenge for thrill-seeking vandals. With Delta Prevention’s ladder support, technicians use their own ladder and do not need to request access to the targeted building’s ladder or receive a key from the property owner.

No Roof Perforation With The Delta Prevention Ladder Support

One of the main advantages of the Delta Prevention ladder support is that it installs quickly and without perforating the roof membrane. Unlike other systems or custom-made solutions, the ladder support uses recycled rubber counterweights to stabilize the user’s ladder. The result is a solid and permanent access point that does not affect the watertightness of the building’s roof.

Delta Prevention is a Canadian manufacturer of fall protection equipment that does not require roof perforation. Using innovative materials and state-of-the-art versatility, Delta Prevention manufactures the safest and most durable collective fall protection systems available on the market. Visit our website at www.deltaprevention.comor contact us by e-mail at to get your fall protection project started.


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