Fall protection in BC: What are the main safety guidelines ?


We have all had the unfortunate incident where we have fallen simply because we were doing something without taking the right safety precautions. Usually, our first instinct after we have hit the ground with a solid impact is to quickly look around to make sure nobody else saw it. However, if the fall is bad enough and extremely painful, many of us will just writhe in pain until help arrives. In any case, it is never a pleasant experience, especially when you realize it could have easily been avoided with some fall protection in British Columbia.

Fall Preventions to Keep in Mind at All Times

Whether you are at home or at work in British Columbia, a fall from any height can lead to a serious injury. But with the correct safety measures in place, you can stop the fall from ever happening in the first place.

Fall Protection Equipment

If you are going to be at a height of ten feet or more off of the ground, then have fall protection equipment in place. There is no need to risk an injury simply because you did not take the time to set up a harness to stop a fall. In fact, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires workers to use fall protection systems when they could fall from a height of 3 m (10 ft.) or more, or where a fall from a lesser height could result in serious injury.

Install Guardrails Where Possible

Sometimes falls can be avoided by just holding on to a guardrail on the side. Think about it. The first thing we do when we are going up and down the stairs is to reach out for the handrails. Guardrails act much the same way. It can prevent a fall and even provide a barrier to protect an opening when needed.

Fall Restraint Line or Fall Arrest System

Whenever you see someone working up on a roof, especially high ones, if they are professional they more than likely have a fall restraint line attached to them. These lines will prevent a person from not only falling, but travelling too far in either direction towards an edge. They may even have a full fall arrest system that includes a harness and an anchor for further safety.

There Are Other Alternatives

If none of these safety precautions seem feasible for your workplace, there might be other alternatives to look into. If you would like to contact the Prevention Information Line, you may be presented other options that are acceptable to WorkSafeBC.

Have Your Workers Be Knowledgeable

If your workers are constantly around jobs where there is a greater chance to fall than normal, it would be a good idea to prepare them as best you can. There is fall protection training that you can enroll them in. In fact, workers that use fall protection equipment need to be recertified every three years. It may seem like a bit of a hassle for your employees and the company, but even if you just prevent one injury from happening, it will all be worth it.

Keep All Equipment in Top Shape

Even if everyone knows how to use the equipment, it does not mean that it will always be completely safe. Especially if the equipment you are using is worn down and risky to use. Take the time and the extra money to take all the precautions you can. After all, one serious injury could be the end of your company. If it is preventable, then do your best to ensure everyone is completely safe at all times.


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