1300 Linear Feet of Rooftop Fall Protection Installed At This Educational Institution.

1300 Linear Feet of Rooftop Fall Protection Installed At This Educational Institution.


Nothing Was Left To Chance To Prevent Accidents On This Building

This rooftop fall protection project completely changes visits to the rooftops of this building. Separated into 16 independent roof areas, the many changes in level make it difficult to move around on this rooftop during mechanical maintenance, drain cleaning or snow removal. Here is how a complete rooftop fall protection perimeter was set up.


Fall Protection For Rooftop Access

According to the provincial OHS standards, fixed ladders must be equipped with guardrails surrounding the floor opening with a removable barrier giving access to the ladder. For this reason, guardrails have been installed at the exit of the ladders that allow the passage from one rooftop level to the other. These guardrails provide fall protection both when exiting and when entering the ladder. For this rooftop fall protection, the freestanding guardrail VSS Classic was selected.

Rooftop Fall Protection For Areas Less Than Two Meters From the Edge

On this building, four roof areas are narrow enough that circulation automatically places visitors two meters or less from the edge. Therefore, proper rooftop fall protection had to be installed. To maximize circulation space, VSS Compact systems were installed at the perimeter of each of these areas to eliminate the risk of falls. These also serve as connection points to the perimeter warning line that frames the entire rooftop.

Complete Rooftop Fall Protection Perimeter Thanks To the Warning Line

To completely enclose the roof visitors and ensure that they remain more than two meters from the edge, a perimeter of 1180 linear feet of warning line was installed. Requiring no perforation and designed for permanent installation, the warning line will ensure safe circulation in summer and winter for all visitors to the roof, whether they are trained in working at heights or not. This is one of the main benefits of collective protection and the reason why this method is preferred over individual protection methods.

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