Beautiful rooftop guardrail installation on this BC college

Beautiful rooftop guardrail installation on this BC college.

1100 linear feet of roof safety railing on two campuses with 180 linear feet painted to match the architectural details of one building.


Non-penetrating rooftop guardrails are often chosen for their flexibility of installation and low impact on the integrity of the building they protect. But did you know they can also be painted to match architectural elements, further increasing their unobtrusive nature?


A Custom Roof Guardrail Installation

Educating and training more than 20,500 people each year in a diverse array of programs, Okanagan College is one of the region’s largest higher education institutions. To ensure the multiple buildings at these state-of-the-art facilities are safe, the BC fall protection specialists at KN Fall Protection Services designed and installed a complete rooftop guardrail system across two campuses to ensure the safety of maintenance operations and each building’s compliance with British Columbia’s OHS regulations.


More Than 1100’ of Rooftop Guardrail

6 buildings of this massive facility were equipped with rooftop guardrails ensuring compliance with BC fall protection regulations and the safety of workers for the years to come. Roof guardrails were installed beside rooftop units, drains and other mechanical equipment. A mix of Delta Prevention’s VSS Classic and VSS Compact rooftop guardrails were chosen, suiting the customer’s needs for each situation. KN Fall Protection Services also designed a custom drop zone with a removable gate to ensure that lifting materials to and from the rooftop remains safe for the lifetime of the building.

Fall protection beyond the roof edge

Rooftop guardrail systems were also installed around roof hatches, a popular roof access method that represents a falling hazard when left open. The installation of non-penetrating guardrails for roof hatches secured these areas while also increasing the accessibility of the ladder. Skylight fall protection systems were also installed, protecting workers transiting near these architectural elements; especially during winter.


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