Non-penetrating railing creates targeted protection for this packaging manufacturer.

In the bustling city of Montreal, a leading packaging manufacturer has taken a proactive approach to rooftop safety by implementing Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating rooftop safety railing system. This innovative solution addresses specific challenges related to the protection of critical infrastructure, access points, and large equipment installations. Let’s explore three unique applications of this non-penetrating railing system that showcase its versatility and effectiveness.

Safeguarding Mechanical Units

One of the challenges faced by the packaging manufacturer was the need to protect a mechanical unit positioned on the corner of their building. Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating rooftop safety railing proved to be the ideal solution. By installing a customized guardrail system around the mechanical unit, the company ensured the safety of personnel while maintaining the integrity of the rooftop membrane. This application not only meets safety standards but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the rooftop.

Securing Access Points

The main access door to the rooftop presented another safety concern, as it faced the leading edge. To mitigate the risk associated with this access point, Delta Prevention implemented a non-penetrating guardrail system that effectively closed off the perimeter around the door. This strategic installation not only ensures the safety of individuals accessing the rooftop but also aligns with regulatory requirements for fall protection. The packaging manufacturer can now confidently use this critical access point without compromising on safety.

Comprehensive Protection for Large Equipment

Facing the challenge of securing a large HVAC unit, the packaging manufacturer opted for a long section of Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating guardrail. This not only provided a protective barrier for the HVAC unit but also served as the starting point for a section of VSS Safetyline, the company’s innovative warning line system. The integration of non-penetrating railing and the Safetyline system not only enhances safety but also allows for a comprehensive approach to rooftop fall protection.


Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating rooftop safety railing has proven to be a game-changer for a Montreal-based packaging manufacturer. By addressing specific challenges related to mechanical units, access points, and large equipment installations, this versatile solution ensures compliance with safety regulations while offering a visually appealing and durable fall protection system. As companies continue to prioritize rooftop safety, non-penetrating railing systems emerge as a reliable and effective choice for safeguarding personnel and critical infrastructure.