Elevating Rooftop Safety with Non-Penetrating Railing for this railroad operator in Alberta

Delta Prevention takes pride in its commitment to providing innovative and effective rooftop fall protection solutions, with a focus on non-penetrating rooftop safety railing. In this recent project handled expertly by Edmonton-based fall protection specialist Gravisys beautifully showcases three unique applications of our rooftop safety systems, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in safeguarding various rooftop elements. Let’s delve into these applications to understand how our non-penetrating railing system excels in different scenarios.

Protecting Mechanical Units on Building Corners

One of the integrator’s mandates was to improve safety around a large mechanical unit positioned at the corner of the building. Access to this area is critical and requires a robust fall protection system that adjusts easily to different environments without compromising the integrity of the building. This application highlights the key benefit of our non-penetrating railing which is to ensure the safety of workers and equipment while preserving the roof structure.

Improving Safety Around Ladder Exit

The second application in focus addresses the precarious nature the main rooftop access, a fixed ladder. Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating railing system acts as a protective barrier, securing both side of this access points and mitigating potential accidents. The adaptability of our system ensures seamless integration with various architectural elements. In this case, the perimeter of non-penetrating railing was terminated right at the roof access ladder with a mechanical connection.

Efficient Guardrail Section in Limited Spaces

When floor space is limited, traditional fall protection measures may be challenging to implement. Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating railing system Compact shines by its flexibility. Indeed, by combining both the VSS Classic and the VSS compact configurations, a custom protection was designed, maximizing floor space without compromising safety standards.

Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating rooftop safety railing stands out as a versatile and reliable solution for diverse applications. From safeguarding mechanical units on building corners to securing roof access and efficiently providing fall protection in tight spaces, our systems excel in meeting the unique challenges of rooftop safety. Invest in Delta Prevention for a comprehensive non-penetrating railing solution that prioritizes safety without compromising architectural integrity.