Protect your roof with a guardrail system in Saskatoon

When you or your team need to access your rooftop, you want to minimize the risk of fall hazards and ensure that everyone is secure. Between heavy winds and slippery surfaces, rooftops can be dangerous without installing the proper rooftop fall protection. With Delta Prevention’s rooftop guardrail system in Saskatoon, you can secure your rooftop premise and protect your workers 24/7.

Rooftop safety guardrail along walkway on rooftop

What is a guardrail system in Saskatoon?

A guardrail system is a protective barrier positioned inside the building roof edge to eliminate fall hazards such as ladder hazards and secure the perimeter. They can be placed around rooftop edges, along ladders or roof hatches to prevent severe injuries. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) provides guidelines for guardrails to enhance safety for anyone working from heights.

The most versatile guardrail systems to suit your needs

Any roof surface over 10 feet has to be secured to prevent fall hazards. However, different building structures require different rooftop guardrail solution systems.
  • VSS Classic model: linear configuration to secure a minimum of 10 feet of your perimeter.
  • VSS Compact model: ideal when floor space is reduced between the area to be protected and the parapet. A return of only 5 feet is required at each end and every 40 feet when no parapet is present.
Each options for guardrails can be used independently or combined to maximize its benefits. In any case, our rooftop guardrail guarantees quick access, compliant materials, quick installation and meets the requirements for guardrail safety. Delta Prevention follow safe installation procedures.

Safety benefits of installing Delta Prevention’s guardrail systems in Saskatoon

As a building owner, installing active or passive fall protection is mandatory for all commercial rooftops. At Delta Prevention, all our systems meet the requirements for guardrail safety standards, are guaranteed to secure your workers when working at height and give safe access to the rooftop for maintenance workers. Here are the benefits that our guardrail systems in Saskatoon will bring you.

Durable aluminum railings

Our aluminum guardrail system in Saskatoon is corrosion-resistant, can withstand even the harshest weather elements and is low maintenance. Our system is a non-penetrating aluminum guardrail.

High adhesion recycle rubber base

Delta Prevention’s guardrail systems are 100% freestanding and non-penetrative, which means they will not damage your roof’s membrane. Thanks to a patented recycled rubber pad base, these systems are compatible with other passive rooftop fall protection systems. Consequently, you can install them directly to your roof’s membrane.

best warranty Guardrail system in Hamilton

10-year warranty for your guardrail system in Saskatoon

We stand behind our product’s durability, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Why choose Delta Prevention for your rooftop fall protection?

Regardless of the type of building, installing a guardrail system which respects the rules of guardrail in Saskatoon installation requires the know-how of the experts, and that’s where Delta Prevention comes in. As a design and installation of fall prevention equipment company, we listen to your safety needs. We visit your rooftop to provide you with the best passive rooftop fall protection available to secure your building.

Compliant according to code

Our passive rooftop fall protection is certified by an independent engineering firm to ensure compliance with industry safety norms. Therefore, our systems follow the guardrail standards and are considered OSHA-Compliant Guardrail Systems.


Easy installation of guardrail systems

Our guardrail systems can easily be installed on any roof with and without a parapet. Whether you’re looking to erect a protection system for temporary work or something more permanent, our self-supporting system adapts to every rooftop configuration, regardless if you need temporary guardrails or permanent guardrails.

Contact Delta Prevention for your guardrail system in Saskatoon

If you’re looking to secure your rooftop with systems that are code compliant and offer long-lasting durability, then a guardrail system in Saskatoon is what you need. You can contact Delta Prevention today to receive a quote or more information, or to discuss one of your projects. We will provide you the best guardrail roof railing solutions in Saskatoon and installation services.

Choose a collective and permanent protection

A permanent fall protection solution in Halifax that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.


Tell us about your project! Our technical team will contact you in 24-48 hours.

Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.