Guardrail System in Toronto

Do you want to eliminate all roof hazards? Ensure the safety of the maintenance workers working on your rooftop? Or secure your commercial space on the rooftop rather than focusing on individual protection? Delta Prevention is here to get your guardrail system in Toronto that guarantee a safe environment. Our systems withstand even the harshest environment, and deliver unrelenting versatility.

What will the Delta Prevention guardrail system in Toronto do for you?

Fall protection is mandatory for your commercial rooftop. Delta Prevention provides guardrail system in Toronto that will secure your workers when working at height. 

Non-penetrating roof edge protection

Your roof will remains undamaged because the fall protection you get is a 100% freestanding system.

Easy to insall Guardrail system in Hamilton

Aluminum railings

Our guardrail system in Toronto is corrosion-resistant and suitable even for the harshest environment and weather, with extremely low maintenance. 

Guardrail systems in hamilton made from recyclable materials

High adhesion recycle rubber base

The guardrails from Delta Prevention are a non-penetrating system. You can install the system directly to the membrane thanks to a patented recycled rubber base. 

Made in Canada

Outstanding resistance

Our products has very high resistance to rust and corrosion that stems from rain, temperature change, or acidic environments. You don’t need to worry about constant maintenance. 

A compliance report

Our systems are back by a compliance report from a third party engineering firm.

10-year warranty

You’re guaranteed excellent performance. We offer an industry leading 10-year warranty. 

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Quick and easy installation

Our guardrail systems are easy to install on roofs with or without parapet. You don’t need to drill the rooftop to install the edge protection system. Additionnally, our modular systems adapt to every roof configurations. Our self-supporting roof guardrails are very fast to install for temporary work at height. 

Choose our guardrail system in Toronto

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.
roof safety railing installed on a white membrane in Hamilton

We deliver uncompromising quality for our guardrail sytems in Toronto

Delta Prevention guardrail system respects all the fall protection standards there are, regardless of the issue you want to address. You can get a system to:

  • Prevent rooftop fall with safety rails
  • Stop people from accessing a restricted area
  • Control movement and circulation

Unbeatable Durability for Commercial Properties

We designed it to last. Our systems utilizes our patented recycled rubber counterweight base and a anodized aluminum railing. Our guardrail rails system in Toronto offers ultimate resistance to corrosion and deterioration.

That’s why every Delta Prevention guardrail system comes with a 10-year warranty — you’re guaranteed outstanding performance there is.

Delta Prevention respect NBC, OSHA and CSA regulations

Our systems can be used to improve safety in many application :

  • Roof edge protection
  • Roof access ladders
  • Openings in floor (roof hatch, skylight, etc.)
  • Mezzanines
  • Circulation pathway
  • Staircases and roof access doors

All our roof fall protection products meet Ontario MOL requirements. We are certified by an independent engineering firm, and meet the NBC and OSHA standards.

We ensure your guardrail is compliant with safety regulations, which otherwise attract hefty fines.


Get a collective and permanent protection with Delta Prevention

Guardrail sytems ensuree safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

Versatility Like no Other on a Roof Guardrail System in Toronto

Every roof past 10 feet has falling hazards. However, every building is different, and we understand that.

To adapt to all falling hazards, on all roofs, we’ve developed two guardrail configurations using the same patented recycled rubber base. You can use these two configurations independently on the same building or combined to maximize their efficacy.

guardrail system toronto

VSS Classic Configuration

This is a liner configuration to secure a minimum of 10 feet up to your entire perimeter without any full height return. This installation is in harmony with the visual aspect of the building you want to protect.

guardrail system in toronto

VSS Compact Configuration

The VSS Compact Configuration is excellent when the floor space is reduced between units to be protected and the parapet. The configuration requires a return of 5 feet at each end despite the length, and at every 40 feet, there isn’t a parapet.

Contact Delta Prevention for your guardrail system in Toronto

Which guardrail system do you want for your rooftop in Toronto? Do you need unbeatable durability and a system that complies with NBC and CSA regulations? Contact Delta Prevention’s experts today to make code-compliant and safe, make a quote, or get more information.


Tell us about your project! Our technical team will contact you in 24-48 hours.

Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.