Guardrail system in Vancouver

The roof and roof accesses on your building are probably the most exposed part of the structure. Anyone who uses them is at risk of various hazards, and free movement on the surfaces may not be an option altogether. However, visiting the roof is something you wouldn’t put off, for instance, when maintenance work is needed. Delta Prevention provides guardrail systems in Vancouver to keep your workers out of harm’s way.

Rooftop safety railing on green roof in Penticton, British-Columbia
Unique roof guardrail perimeter on a state of the art education facility - Penticton, BC.

What is a Guardrail System?

A guardrail system is a barrier positioned at the edge of the roof of a building for safety. For example, they can be positioned on a roof, along ladders or roof hatches to prevent people from falling over from the surface. The instalments limit the risk that anyone who circulates or work in the area from falling over. The CCHOS Fall Protection Plan provides guidelines to keep everyone safe when working at heights.

Delta Prevention Offers Guardrail System in Vancouver

Lucky for you, there is a way you can deal with this. Thanks to Delta Prevention’s guardrail system, you and your worker’s safety is assured. You will never have to worry about any hazards occurring because our guardrail system are: 

  • Designed to last
  • Made from aluminum
  • Aesthetic
  • Compliant with standards

Prevent risks

Installing guardrails is the most recommended fall prevention method for flat roofs. They are a safety measure that typically prevents falls because they eliminate the risk to anyone walking or working on the roof, without relying on PPEs. However, you can never do too much when it comes to safety!

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Meet regulations

Guardrails ensure that the building in question meets the safety standards and regulations. Such regulations are aimed at maximizing the safety of your workers and limiting risks. The last thing that you want is having to deal with fatal falls and injuries on your staff or subcontractors. 


Aesthetic appearance

Another benefit of having an engineered guardrail system installed on your infrastructure is its aesthetic appearance. It becomes a feature on buildings that have embraced the system and installed them. 

Easy to insall Guardrail system in Hamilton

Designed to last

Our safety systems come highly recommended because they are designed to last. In addition, they are manufactured from anodized aluminum, which makes them highly durable and enables them to achieve an attractive aesthetic appearance.

At Delta Prevention, we are dedicated to providing you with a permanent or temporary solution at your workplace. We aim to achieve this through our highly effective systems that are aimed at preserving infrastructure integrity.

Choose our guardrail system in Vancouver

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

Who We Are and What We Do at Delta Prevention?

Delta Prevention is a manufacturer that you can trust to deliver quality and standardized passive fall protection systems. We have created a reputable image in the industry, providing our clients with unmatched safety products. We are a firm that aims to achieve excellence by providing highly efficient systems and adapted design to all clients that work with us. 

Why Choose Delta Prevention for your building safety?

Delta Prevention is a manufacturer of fall protection systems that strive to offer you service beyond expectations. The firm achieves this through versatile products that make it easy for you to use any part of your building. For example, thanks to our guardrail system that can be installed on roofs, around roof access ladders, roof hatches and skylights, the safety of everyone is assured. 

Roof guardrail for BC fall protection installation
Roof guardrail design perfectly integrated to building architecture - Mica Creek, BC.

Contact Delta Prevention for your Guardrail System in Vancouver

For more information about our guardrail systems, contact us and schedule an appointment with our experts in passive fall protection. We guarantee you the best services as far as guardrail installation on your building is concerned. One way to notice this is through the various notable clients we have worked with in the recent past. 


Tell us about your project! Our technical team will contact you in 24-48 hours.

Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.