Roof Access Ladder Guard : How to Secure It


There are several ways to access a rooftop terrace for a maintenance operation, including access via a roof access ladder. Did you know that the exit of this ladder must be secured at all times? Indeed, Québec and Canadian standards recommend establishing methods capable of preventing falls from heights, such as a guardrail at the exit of a ladder.

The importance of safety at the exit of a roof access ladder

Has your roof not been secured since its construction? This could be compared to driving. Some motorists drive without a licence or insurance, because everyone is free to assess the risk in their own way. However, the major risk is that an accident can be very costly.

In the case of a roof access ladder, the risk if this does not have a protection system is characterized by a fall from a height. Even if it is low, this risk represents above all a maximum level of severity, because it is a life-threatening risk. Because laws and behaviours change, safety in the construction sector is currently becoming a priority as accidents in the workplace are numerous.

In many working environments, workers may be exposed to a fall from a ladder, particularly on construction sites while performing jobs such as:

  • erecting structures, finishing, or renovating a roof or exterior walls;
  • interior finishing, such as plumbing, electricity, or painting.

And this is the case in the business sectors of commerce, personal commercial services, transport and storage, and medical and social services. This also concerns the jobs of window washing, chimney sweeping, handling, or maintenance. A roof access ladder guardrail is an essential item for the safety of everyone in numerous fields.

What to consider when securing a roof access ladder

Access ladders for ascending to or descending from roofs more than 10’ high inevitably put the workers who perform maintenance work in a position of high risk to their lives. Added to this are the risks associated with descending backwards on the ladder and the loss of bearings that can be felt once at the top. By installing a guardrail for a roof access ladder, you protect each side of the access ladder. As a result, you ensure the safety of your installations and their carefree access. The access ladder guardrail can be installed vertically to create the ideal clearance for a perimeter of warning lines to guide the user to the safe area within the roof.

A good guardrail up to standard for the exit of a roof access ladder must meet the following criteria: 

  • Allows for fast and easy installation without cutting
  • Does no damage to the roof by being 100% perforation-free
  • Has a corrosion-resistant finish that prevents rust as well as paint flaking caused by rain, temperature changes, and acidic environments
  • Can be installed on roofs with or without parapets
  • Complies with all applicable governmental standards
  • Has a warranty of several years

This solution can be a first step in securing a roof as part of a construction site or maintenance work at height. To secure your roof access via a ladder, call on professionals with the equipment and the ability to install a suitable guardrail.


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