Roof Snow Removal : A Complete Safety Perimeter!

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Roof Snow Removal : A Complete Safety Perimeter!

With the arrival of winter, we are receiving more and more questions about roof snow removal. How to do it safely ? What equipment is essential ? As with all rooftop safety projects, the important thing is to plan your roof snow removal properly and leave nothing to chance. Here is an example of a complete safety perimeter erected with roof snow removal in mind.

Roof Snow Removal: 2 Items to Be Identified

When planning roof snow removal works, here are two elements to take into account.

  1. Determine where to removal snow: snow often accumulates in some places more than others. Sometimes, a roof is weaker in certain areas, or important equipment is likely to be buried under the snow. Identifying these areas can help clarify the scope of the project.
  2. Determine where to push the snow: depending on the size of the roof to be cleared and the activity around the building, the locations where to push the snow must be planned. For example, avoid pushing snow where there is a sidewalk, a doorway or parked cars. The strategic location of the snow chute should eliminate potential accidents.

Let’s now look at the equipment required to create a safe roof snow removal perimeter.

Roof Snow Removal: The Snow Chute

The main factor in the roof snow removal operation is the snow chute. This is a safe area where workers can step forward to push the snow off the roof. Since workers will be standing within two meters of the roof edge, the snow chute must be a guardrail that complies with current regulations. In the example below, a 10′ VSS Compact guardrail with 10′ returns is used as a snow chute. Because it could be installed in less than 15 minutes without perforating the roof membrane and it is pre-certified to meet the National Building Code, a 10′ VSS Compact guardrail section is the best choice for a safe and durable snow chute !

Roof Snow Removal: The Safety Perimeter

Once the snow chute is installed, it is important to delineate the perimeter surrounding the roof snow removal operation. Remember: every time a worker has to push snow off the roof, he or she is at risk of falling. It is therefore essential to install a permanent warning line to eliminate access to the edge of the roof and to direct workers to the identified safe area where the snow chute is installed. The VSS Safetyline warning line is built in accordance with the OHS standards and has been tested by engineers to meet the very rigorous design criteria described by regulatory bodies. Not to be taken lightly.

Périmèetre de ligne d'avertissement pour le déneigement de toit

Roof Snow Removal: Peace of Mind

Remember: workers will be able to move around and work without personal protection within a completely enclosed perimeter. Not having to worry about their methods is a significant peace of mind that you will be able to ensure during these dangerous and highly visible operations from the outside.

The safety perimeter is therefore important for:

  • Prevent workers from walking in the hazardous area within two meters of the edge
  • Control where the snow is pushed
  • Delimit the scope of the operation

If you have any questions or would like advice on planning a safety perimeter, we can help! Contact us at


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