Rooftop fall protection in Calgary

When it comes to the management of commercial buildings, one area is of constant concern: safety. The safety of a commercial or industrial building is of paramount importance, both in terms of regular usage by employees and specific usage by workers. Whether you are looking to secure a rooftop for employee-usage or as part of a renovation or installation-based project, we can provide you with rooftop fall protection in Calgary.

Rooftop Fall Protection Specialists in Calgary

At Delta Protection, we manufacture fall prevention and safety equipment for building owners and managers in Calgary. When it comes to the safety of your workers, we have the roof protection systems you need. 

Delta Protection offers the following types of rooftop fall protection solutions to Calgary-area business owners: 

Railings for roof hatches

These railings eliminate the falling hazard created when a roof hatch is left open during a roof visit. It also makes climbing and descending into the ladder much easier thanks to the included grab bar. 

Railings for skylights

Our modular, perforation-free systems deliver protection around skylights of all sizes. 

Permanent warning lines

You can protect workers from the corners and the edges of the roof with a visual safety perimeter designed to last at least 10 years

Complete Fall Protection Solutions in Calgary

We also offer complete rooftop fall protection systems for building owners, operators, or project managers in Calgary. 

When you need to secure a rooftop for maintenance work, repair, or general usage, turn to Delta Prevention for our complete fall protection solutions. 

When you work with us, you are guaranteed to benefit from fall prevention and safety equipment that meets standards, is highly durable, and comes with impeccable installation services. The end result is the safety of your workers and your peace of mind. 

Solutions that Meet Regulatory Standards

We design and manufacture all the rooftop fall protection solutions you need to both ensure the protection of workers and meet regulatory standards. All our systems are certified by a third-party engineering firm and are 100% compliant with NBC and OSHA standards. 

When you work with us, you can expect to receive: 

Durable safety products

Our guardrails are made of high-quality aluminum which makes them anti-corrosive. You can be sure that our installations will perform through the sub-zero temperatures, ice and snow of a Calgary winter. 

Impeccable services

When we install rooftop fall protection services on your Calgary building, we make sure to follow-through with every technical and procedural detail. Our customers trust us because of our fast response, our well-thought out and flexible systems, and our proactive approach to every installation. We have the ability to deliver complete custom systems based on the unique needs of your project. 

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Peace of mind

We also offer a 10-year warranty on all our rooftop fall protection systems. That’s the best warranty on the market! 

Choose our guardrail system in Vancouver

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

Why Choose Delta Prevention for your rooftop fall protection in Calgary?

Just like everywhere else, Calgary-area project managers have a lot to deal with. The last thing they need is a rooftop safety provider that is hard to work with or does not follow through with secure installations. 

At Delta Protection, we are different. We always go the extra mile – from initial quoting through to autonomous preparation – because we know how much project managers have on their plates.

Contact Delta Prevention to secure your rooftop

Delta Prevention’s mission is to secure your rooftop, and we have the experience and the quality products to do so. Our solutions are highly customizable, cost-effective, and reliable. Contact us now to put the safety of your employees in our trustworthy hands. 


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Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.