Self-closing gates for fall protection


A new aluminum, heavy-duty construction from the Canadian manufacturer of roof safety railing.

Self-closing gates are the best solutions to prevent falls in access points such as stairs or ladders by closing areas to workers or pedestrians. This is why Delta Prevention is proud to introduce its new self-closing gates, made in Canada with an aluminum construction and designed in compliance to OSHA standards. In stock and ready to go, these self-closing gates should be part of any rooftop guardrail project or industrial safety application.

Self-Closing Gates: Unboxing and Installation

Our new self-closing gates ship assembled and ready to install. The heavy-duty hinges allow installations on square or round profile for added versatility. The installation is straightforward and only a 3/16 wrench and impact drill are required.

How to adjust self-closing safety gates?

Adjusting the self-closing safety gate is crucial. The top of the gate should be at the same height as the top rail of the adjacent guardrail. With 12” of width adjustment, its usage and installation if very flexible. The adjust to width of the self-closing gate, simply unscrew the 4 adjustment screws with the supplied hex key. Pull on the door the adjust its length until the door stopper completely covers the adjacent post. Then, re-tighten the 4 screws.

Where should you install self-closing gates?

Self-closing safety gates can be installed:

The gate should allow access and act as the continuity of the guardrail when closed. Self-closing safety gates can also secure access to industrial mezzanines, catwalk or pedestrian walkway on the shop floor.

How to test self-closing safety gates?

Self-closing safety gates for fall protection should respect the same standard as the guardrails they connect, since they are a fundamental part of the edge protection. Therefore, horizontal and vertical testing should be performed to meet OSHA or the Canadian Building Code standard. Delta Prevention’s self-closing gates are tested for up to 450 lbs. of horizontal pressure, which is two times higher than the standard.

Self-closing safety gates used in rooftop fall protection application should also be tested to stay closed in a high-wind situation. Delta Prevention’s self-closing safety gate was tested in house for winds up to 165 km/h.

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Delta Prevention is a Canadian manufacturer of non-penetrating fall protection equipment for rooftop. With innovative materials and industry leading versatility, Delta Prevention’s VSS System is the safest and most durable collective fall protection system on the market. Visit our website at


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