Installation of a skylight fall protection system in Hamilton

When your team needs to access your building’s rooftop, your priority is keeping them away from danger. Whether you have a flat roof or one on a slant, you can keep your team safe by installing a skylight fall protection system in Hamilton, Ontario. According to the CCSC Standard 2.92, all risk areas, including skylights, must be protected by guardrails.

roof safety railing installed on a white membrane in Hamilton

What is skylight fall protection in Hamilton?

Skylight fall protection is a safety measure implemented to prevent accidents and injuries to those working near skylights. Skylight fall protection is essential in ensuring the safety of individuals working near or accessing skylights. Protection equipment, such protection guardrails, plays a crucial role in preventing accidents by adding a physical barrier and creating a secure environment, minimizing the risk of falls and potential injuries.

Because skylights are transparent to allow natural light to enter a building, they can be hazardous to individuals accessing a roof. These physical barriers safeguard against accidental falls to eliminate the risk of serious accidents or death and to ensure the safety of maintenance workers and visitors.

All the more, in the process of optimizing your protection against roof fall. We can add others equipments to minimize the risks. Safety experts also recommend improving the protection of their roof by adding a guardrail system. By providing a safe and stable means of access, these ladders facilitate thorough inspections and assessments, ensuring the overall safety and maintenance of the roof. 

Why trust Delta Prevention for skylight fall protection in Hamilton?

With over 400 projects under our belt, our professionalism and fast response allow us to take charge of your project. We offer a safety solution tailored to secure your roof and protect your team from falling hazards. Skylight fall protection systems often utilize aluminum components for their durability and strength, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution to prevent falls and enhance safety around skylights.

Designed to last

Made using patented recycler rubber bases and aluminum components, our systems are rust-resistant and designed to withstand the harsh Canadian weather element.

Compliance with all safety standards

Your team’s safety is our number one priority. Independent engineering firms certify all our passive fall protection systems to ensure compliance with NBC safety standards and OSHA standards.

best warranty Guardrail system in Hamilton

10-year warranty for your guardrail system in Hamilton

Enjoy the best warranty on the market and keep your roof secure thanks to our 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Skylight Fall Protection in Hamilton without Roof Perforation: A Better Solution

Protecting your roof doesn’t mean damaging your roof’s delicate membrane. Our skylight fall protection system is self-supporting and comes in two distinct models:

  • Clamping: economical and versatile, can be installed on skylights with a minimum vertical surface area of 2″.
  • Counterweight: Easy to install, this model works well with low-profile skylights or when the clamping model is not an option.

Thanks to patented counterweight bases made of recycled rubber, you can secure your rooftop without compromising the integrity of your building. 

made in canada

Made in Canada

All our systems are created using eco-friendly materials and are proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec.


Features to ensure maximum safety

Our skylight fall protection systems in Hamilton are equipped with the latest features. They are made with robust rubber bases and non-perforated technologies to secure your skylights and protect your roof membrane.


Quick installation

Quick and easy to install, our modular systems are adaptable to any roof configuration. We help you to create a roof guardrail perimeter on a narrow pathway.

Contact Delta Prevention for the installation of your skylight fall protection system in Hamilton

For all your skylight fall protection solutions in Hamilton, you can trust Delta Prevention. Our team of dedicated experts is there to provide tips and tricks to ensure maximum safety on your rooftop. In addition, we assess your roof condition to ensure an optimal surface for installing your new protection system.

Contact us today for any questions on our passive fall protection systems or installation services.

Choose a collective and permanent protection in Hamilton

A permanent fall protection solution in Hamilton that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.


Tell us about your project! Our technical team will contact you in 24-48 hours.

Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.