Secure skylight fall protection in Ottawa

Eliminate the risks and dangers of falls from height when working near skylights with the help of free-standing skylight fall protection in Ottawa. Our durable and weather-resistant passive fall protection systems come with a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind when working from heights.

What is skylight fall protection in Ottawa?

When discussing rooftop fall protection, it’s not uncommon to protect people from hazards that linger near rooftop edges. However, preventing workers from injuring themselves when working near skylights is just as crucial for ensuring a risk-free, secure rooftop. Getting a skylight fall protection is an effective way to protect your workers. 

Delimiting the entire skylight safety area with barriers

Installing skylight fall protection in Ottawa requires delimiting the entire skylight area with barriers to warn those nearby to stay alert. Skylights allow natural light to penetrate buildings, making them an essential feature of many commercial and industrial buildings in Ottawa. However, failing to install the proper passive fall protection can lead to serious injury if anyone should fall through them. Checking the skylight fall protection requirements can help your company to know in which cases it should use a fall protection.

Skylight protected by guardrails on each side

Why trust Delta Prevention for skylight fall protection in Ottawa?

The experts at Delta Prevention have installed hundreds of fall protection systems across the country. All our products are designed for durability and comply with provincial regulations to address all safety concerns. 

Delta Prevention’s skylight fall protection in Ottawa is:

  • Compliant with all safety regulations
  • Durable all year round
  • Eco-friendly
  • Guaranteed for ten years

Freestanding, non-perforation structure

With our freestanding skylight fall protection, never worry about damaging your roof’s membrane. 


Compliant with all safety regulations

Certified by independent engineers, all our fall protection follow federal safety standard. They meet the NBC standards and meet the OSHA standards.

Durable all year round

From the brutal cold to the sweltering summer heat, our protection systems can withstand extreme temperatures all year round.



Because we commit to being a sustainable company, all our bases are made of sturdy, recycled rubber.

best warranty Guardrail system in Hamilton

Guaranteed for 10 years

Designed to last, you’ll have peace of mind that your product is under warranty for 10 years if something should ever fail.

Durable and resistant to all kinds of weather

Skylights are found on numerous rooftops in Ottawa. Ensuring that no one becomes an unfortunate victim of a skylight fall, our skylight fall protection systems are safe, robust, and durable. Our system is a permanent fall protection solution designed to last for the long term.

Can survive the Ottawa winter

Winter in Ottawa can be cold, and ice build-up is not uncommon year after year. Fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on products made using cheap materials. Our premium patented recycled rubber, and aluminum components are non-corrosive, anti-rust, and designed to withstand all types of weather.

We don’t leave anything to chance and have each product certified, so they meet all fall protection standards to eliminate risks of death or injury near skylights.

Choose our Skylight fall protection in Ottawa

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

Durable and resistant to all kinds of weather

When you’re looking into purchasing skylight fall protection in Ottawa, you’ll have the option of choosing. We offer two quick-to-install models to make your roof skylight area danger-free.

Clamping model

This conscious fall protection system is ideal for all skylights with a minimum surface area of 2” and is versatile and economical.

Counterweight model

Simple and easy to install, this model’s sturdy rubber bases prevent it from tipping over. It is a great option for low-profile skylights or when you cannot install a clamping system. Have peace of mind thanks to a skylight fall protection in Ottawa.

Contact Delta Prevention for your Skylight Fall Protection in Ottawa

Designed to eliminate the risk of falls around skylights, our skylight fall protection systems can save lives, protect workers and offer peace of mind to those who manage the building. Delta Prevention is the trusted provider of long-lasting fall protection products in Ottawa. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know why you need the right protection for your skylight. Call us to receive a quote.


Tell us about your project! Our technical team will contact you in 24-48 hours.

Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.