Skylight fall protection in Winnipeg

Do you manage a team that needs to access a rooftop or other heights and worry about injuries and potential hazards when working near skylights? If so, contact Delta Prevention about our durable skylight fall protection in Winnipeg. All our skylight fall prevention systems are compliant with provincial fall protection regulations. So whether you’re working on commercial buildings or construction projects in downtown Winnipeg, we help you to ensure your team’s safety.

Why install skylight fall protection in Winnipeg, Canada?

The installation of skylight fall protection will prevent you or your workers from becoming one of the 40,000 Canadians injured by a fall. Whether you need to access the roof to remove snow or perform maintenance, you must install compliant safety equipment.

Reduce the risks of falling through skylights

One of the benefits of installing a skylight is that they allow natural light to penetrate a building to create a pleasant atmosphere. However, skylights not delimited by safety gear pose a severe risk for anyone in the vicinity. So make sure to erect a safety barrier guardrail using Delta Prevention’s skylight fall protection.


Choose Delta Prevention for all your skylight fall protection systems in Winnipeg

With years of experience advising Canadians to prevent heights incidents, Delta Prevention offers quality products designed to protect your team and reduce the risk of injury. Trust us for all your skylight fall protection needs.


Non-perforating technology

Never stress, damaging your roof’s membrane with our 100% freestanding structures. We focus on safety without damaging your roof. 

Product designed to last

Made of aluminum and recycled rubber, our products can withstand extreme weather and temperatures. Never worry about corrosion eating at your guardrail. 


Compliant with all safety regulations and federal safety standards

Our freestanding skylight fall protection in Winnipeg is certified by independent engineers to comply with OSHA standards and with the NBC safety standards.

best warranty Guardrail system in Hamilton

10-year warranty

Despite our confidence in the exceptional quality and durability of our guardrails, if ever you encounter issues, as a prevention partner, we offer a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. 

Durable and versatile skylight fall protection for your projects in Winnipeg

We know that no two projects are alike, and we pride ourselves on offering clients custom solutions for their building to prevent people from hazards. Delta Prevention promotes safety and complete fall protection of those who access the roof. We propose several types of conscious fall protection systems, preventing injuries to workers, especially in the construction industry:

Clamping model

Both economical and versatile, this sleek model is ideal for skylights with a minimum surface area of 2”.

Counterweight model

The counterweight choice is the perfect option when the clamping model cannot be installed. With a sturdy rubber base that prevents the structure from tipping over, it’s easy to install around low-profile skylights. The entire installation process is supported by our experts.

Choose our Skylight fall protection in Winnipeg

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

Contact Delta Prevention for your skylight fall protection in Winnipeg

All our passive rooftop fall protection systems are designed to reduce the risk of falls and protect the lives of those working from heights. As a rooftop safety company, we’ve installed over 400 systems nationwide and pride ourselves on our superior customer service. 

Get skylight fall protections in Winnipeg

For questions regarding skylight guardrails, email us or call our team. A member of our team will happily get back to you in the briefest delays.


Tell us about your project! Our technical team will contact you in 24-48 hours.

Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.