Social Distancing Barrier


Our social distancing barrier help you comply with government recommendations and allow a safe return to work for your employees and customers.

Creating a distance between workstations is essential to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Indeed, it is recommended to install a physical barrier or sneeze guard to prevent contact by droplets. Maintaining the health and safety of workers is part of Delta Prevention’s mission. Therefore, we have designed a robust, easy-to-install social distancing barrier.

Features of our social distancing barriers:

  • Physical distancing solution for workstations
  • Short or long term installation
  • Ideal for factory, warehouse or workshop
  • Ultra-stable and safe
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum structure
  • Recycled rubber bases
  • Easy to clean and scratch resistant
  • Fire retardant and UV resistant panels

Social distancing barrier: how to start?

Our social distancing barrier is a self-supporting wall comprising an aluminum structure, a sturdy PVC canvas and recycled rubber bases. The Starter section is an independent unit creating a physical barrier 120” (3048 mm) long by 86” (2184 mm) high. A Starter section is enough to create a social distancing barrier between two operator stations, in front of the shipping and receiving door or along the aisles.

To create a longer social distancing barrier, the Add-on section connects to an existing Starter section and adds 8’ of protection. The Add-on can also be installed to create a corner thanks to the corner clamps sold separately.

How to install the Delta Prevention’s social distancing barrier?

Our social distancing barrier are installed quickly and with a minimum of tools. The Starter section installs in 10 minutes and the Add-on section installs in less than 6 minutes.

  1. First, place the bases at 10’ from each other and insert the sleeves which will be used to receive the structure. Secure the sleeve using the lock-pin.
  2. The 2 longest pipes will be the top and bottom pipes. They slip into the hems of the PVC caneva.
  3. The structure is assembled with the corresponding junctions at each corner.
  4. Once assembled on the ground, the structure must be placed on the base’s sleeves.

Why choose Delta Prevention’s social distancing barrier ?

  • Heavy-duty and extremely safe
  • Versatile and reusable
  • Can be added-to for future needs
  • Made in Canada

Our social distancing partitions are in stock and can ship quickly. Contact us now to make your workplace safer.


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