Elevating Rooftop Safety with Non-Penetrating Railing for this railroad operator in Alberta

A rooftop protected by a VSS compact system

Delta Prevention takes pride in its commitment to providing innovative and effective rooftop fall protection solutions, with a focus on non-penetrating rooftop safety railing. In this recent project handled expertly by Edmonton-based fall protection specialist Gravisys beautifully showcases three unique applications of our rooftop safety systems, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in safeguarding various rooftop […]

Custom rooftop guardrail in Calgary

Calgary building protected by rooftop guardrail

Custom rooftop guardrail in Calgary The narrow access to this roof area made safer and compliant thanks to a custom rooftop guardrail   Rooftop guardrails are most often used to protect mechanical units positioned to close to the roof edge or ladder access to the roof itself. This installation in Calgary, AB highlights another common […]