A complete fall protection perimeter in 3 steps for this composite product manufacturer.

Worker safety on rooftops must be a priority for all. This recent installation project carried out by industrial safety expert Solutions Prox-Secur perfectly reflect the customer’s dedication to this. The project enhance safety around several critical areas on the roofs by adding key elements such as non-penetrating crossover platform, a permanent warning line and many sections of bump line.

A Secure Crossover Platform

The first component of this project is a ballasted crossover platform designed to improve circulation between two roof levels of 48’’ of difference. Compared to other methods, like a fixed vertical ladder, a crossover platform is much more ergonomic to use, therefore much safer. Completely non-penetrating, it maintains the roof’s waterproofing integrity while ballast ensure required stability. Manufactured in robust, durable but lightweight aluminum, this platform ensures smooth and safe circulation between the different zones for all workers.

Permanent Warning Line for Maximum Protection

A permanent warning line, or raised warning line, was installed around the building’s perimeter to create a clear visual delineation. This barrier offers essential protection to workers by preventing them from dangerously approaching roof edges. The warning line serves as a first line of defence, minimizing the risks of accidents by limiting the workers’ access to the roof edge.

Bump line for Safe Snow Management:

The project also includes a bump line, strategically positioned and connected to the warning line. First, the bump line are positioned around the exit of the main roof ladder, leading the visitors toward the centre of the roof. Secondly, sections of ballasted railings are positioned in strategic areas to allow workers to safety push snow off the roof after heavy snow fall. This innovative solution facilitates the safe removal of snow, enabling operators to push it off the roof in a preselect area without exposing themselves to the risk of falling.


The combination of a secure ballasted crossover platform, an effective permanent warning line, and multiple section of robust bump line demonstrates a commitment to the safety of workers by their employer. This project to increase the safety of the roof in three key areas represents a significant step forward in the promotion of rooftops fall protection.