Enhanced Safety with Roof Access Hatch Guardrail


Roofs, often equipped with access hatches, pose a potential safety risk for individuals working at heights. To counter this danger, the guardrail specifically designed for roof access hatches offers a comprehensive and reliable solution. Installed along the edge of the hatch, this device ensures safety by preventing falls when the hatch is left open. An […]

Review of Buildex Vancouver 2024

Photo du directeur des ventes et marketing de chez delta prevention avec un distributeur

This exhibition provided Delta Prevention with an ideal platform to share its expertise and highlight its commitment to fall protection systems. The event was an opportunity for the company to unveil its brand-new booth, showcasing its ongoing dedication to innovation and the presentation of cutting-edge solutions. Delta Prevention’s participation at Buildex Vancouver 2024 underscores its […]

Roof Snow Removal : A Complete Safety Perimeter!

Périmèetre de ligne d'avertissement pour le déneigement de toit

Roof Snow Removal : A Complete Safety Perimeter! With the arrival of winter, we are receiving more and more questions about roof snow removal. How to do it safely ? What equipment is essential ? As with all rooftop safety projects, the important thing is to plan your roof snow removal properly and leave nothing to […]

The Inspection Of Guardrails: Our Recommendations

Man walking along edge of roof protected by warning line

You have chosen the collective protection of a guardrail? That’s great! It was the best decision for your employees. Now, here are our recommendations for inspecting your guardrails to ensure they meet standards over time. Inspection Of the Guardrail Configuration Freestanding guardrails are simple and quick to deploy as they do not need to be […]

Flat Roof Fall Protection Systems

Two floors protected by a fall protection guardrail system made of aluminum tubing and rubber counterweights

Flat roof fall protection systems weren’t designed for no reason. Any work at height requires an increased level of safety. Although the statistics suggest that fall risks on flat roofs are lower, it’s best not to overlook worker safety.   A flat roof should be inspected at least once or twice a year. In addition, […]

A roof survey that inspires trust for UQTR.

This successful project leads to a second phase. Initial situation The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières has fifteen buildings on campus, without counting student residences. To protect workers on the roof, the university launched a bid for tender to achieve its project. The mandate is to protect 10 sections of 20 linear feet on 4 […]

OSHA Standards vs. Cal/OSHA Standards: What to Know

When it comes to workplace safety rules in the United States that serve to protect workers, there are two types: OSHA standards and Cal/OSHA standards. OSHA standards The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States is an agency placed under the authority of the US Department of Labor. In compliance with the OSH […]

A school in Fort McPherson choose Delta Prevention

After an inspection by The Health and Security Local Organization, the Chief Julius School, located at 1000 km north of Whitehorse in Yukon, chose Delta Prevention. Initial Situation Established in 2015, the Chief Julius School does not meet local health and security standards. Indeed, the organization identified more than one risk of falling from the […]

Guardrails for sloping roof: How the Niobec mine protects his roof

Initial situation Located in Saint-Honoré, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the niobium deposit, known as the Niobec mine, has evolved since 1967. Today, this mine is one of the three largest producers of niobium in the world. It is also the only underground mining of this metal in the world. To protect workers who have access to the roof, […]

Removable Guardrail: 4 Criteria to Look for Before You Buy

Have you planned to ensure the safety of your workers on your construction or maintenance sites over the short term using a removable guardrail? Before moving on to the purchase phase, here are the criteria that you should consider checking with the selling company. Ease of installation and deinstallation If you want to acquire a […]

Roof Safety: When Should You Use Safety Rails?

Safety rails are barriers placed at the edge of a roof to reduce the risk of falls from heights, especially those related to a roof access. Usually made of highly weather-resistant aluminum, they’re placed at the edges of roofs on construction sites to ensure roof safety by limiting the possibilities of workers falling. When Should […]

A Reliable and Durable Protection for McGill University

A Reliable and Durable Protection for McGill University This historic building gets their roof safe with Delta Prevention The Ferrier historic building of the McGill University was built in 1909 as a power plant to provide in electricity the campus in the first place but as of today, it also serves as classrooms. To secure […]