Rooftop Fall Protection in Toronto

Visits to the rooftops of the building are becoming frequent, and rooftop fall protection in Toronto is mandatory to reduce the risks. Indeed, workers are going to the roof to perform regular maintenance of the HVAC units, lighting and security improvement or support to new energy sources.  Nearly all commercial and industrial buildings require a guardrail system to protect the roof from falling hazards. Delta Prevention offers a wide range of passive fall protection in Canada to prevent the risks of fall. 

Complete Non-Penetrating Fall Protection Solutions

Delta Prevention is a manufacturer of rooftop fall protection in Toronto. Our experts will help you to install a rooftop fall protection system that respects the NBC and OSHA’s guidelines. Also, our non-penetrating fall protection solutions will help you protect your working from falls. 

Why Choose Delta Prevention for your rooftop fall protection in Toronto?

Fall protection is essential for commercial roofs. Delta Prevention provides rooftop fall protection in Toronto to protect workers when working at heights.

Non-penetrative rooftop fall protection

You don’t need to drill the roof for installation, it’s 100% freestanding. 

10-year warranty

We guarantee durability even when under extreme environments like high temperatures and acidic conditions. If the guardrail system get damaged in its first 10 years, we’ll cover the repair cost.

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We've Installed Hundreds of Guardrail Systems in Toronto to Date

We’ve completed hundreds of protection equipment installations — with tens of thousands of linear feet of installation. Choosing to work with Delta Prevention is leveraging years of experience in the edge protection industry.

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Meets all the NBC and OSHA standards

It is mandatory to provide workers with adequate fall protection systems. You don’t need to worry about getting fined by the authorities in Toronto, our equipments respect Canadian fall protection standards and OSHA standards

Choose a collective and permanent protection

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

What Will You Get Working With Delta Prevention Rooftop Protection Systems?

Roof Hatch Safety Rails

Delta Prevention help you to eliminate falling risks around your access to hatchets with non-penetrating systems at the edge of the roof:

  • Safety element that adapts to access hatchets of all sizes
  • Rooftop safety product that attaches to the hatchet without drilling the roof
  • Aluminum makes up that is rust-resistant and resilient even in the face of the harshest weather

Ladder fall Protection Guardrail System

Ensure safe access to ladders around the common access points with a fall protection guardrail that fits all ladders and roofs. This offers:

  • Permanent access ladder-fall-protection railings to protect the life of employees and contractors.
  • Self-supporting railings that use unique materials that can withstand brutal weather for years
  • VSS Classic ladder fall protection guardrails that protect each side of the access ladder and provide ideal perimeter installation
  • VSS Compact access ladder: it creates a traffic corridor leading to the roof and allow workers to be safe when climbing the ladder. 

Contact Delta Prevention for your Rooftop Fall Protection in Toronto!

Do you need rooftop fall protection in Toronto that exactly meets your unique needs, is non-penetrative to your rooftop, and guarantees unbeatable durability? Get in touch with our experts to request a quote, ask for more information, or order any passive fall protection solution to make your rooftop safe.


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Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.